Condom tester


Condom tester

A few years ago appeared a new and unusual profession, which became popular and demanded at once. It is called ”condom tester” and evidently it lets to combine useful with pleasant. It was Australian company Durex which was the first to hire such kind of investigators. The company releases this kind of contraception means and other intimate products. The firm made and advertisement about the vacancy for young man from 18 years old. Only Australian citizens allowed. As Sam White, the market manager, said they didn’t accept everybody who wished to work, but evaluated competitors strictly, choosing them for that important and responsible position. Totally, the company offered two hundred positions and the completion was tough in the very beginning. There was nothing surprising about the fact – the company honestly announced that would be no salary for the position, but still it didn’t influence the number of people interested. First of all, Durex company supplied employees with a set of condoms of 60$ cost for free, then it was interesting and prestigious. Sam White said that young man tried to get the position in order to impress their friends and attract young women’s attention. Any girl would be troubled to resist a certificate professional. They chose the future tester like that: candidates were interviewed and asked why he should be chosen for the position.

The charges of a condom tester were quite simple: they are given a certain number of condoms, which are to be used during certain period of time. After that they are to give a detailed report about the quality to the company. It was demanded to describe merits and demerits of each model, the impressions of the investigator and any other additional information. Company was interested in such rates because they provided them with needed information about the quality of the product and any necessary corrections in production.

Not long ago such kind of profession appeared in Russia. It is called “quality inspector of man condoms”. Following the experience of the Australian company, firm Innotex, one of the biggest producers of contraception products, announced that they were hiring young man aged since 18 till 45 years. The candidates were supposed and use the products and in addition to that make written reports about the results of their experience. Besides that, it was good if a candidate could test condoms of non-standard sizes or try unusual kinds of sex.

It was very comfortable to work for Innotex, condoms could be tested at home, the working regime was flexible and for those who had no partner was offered a sex-doll.