About the project

You can learn much more about a person if you have a talk with their’s servants rather than read a carefully arranged official biography beginning with the family tree and finishing with describing the funerals.

Samuel Jackson, magazine «Hobo»

One can hardly be interested in reading bare excerpts from biographies. Information about some works of a scientist, artists or other famous people may be somewhat useful. We mean to show you, our visitors, the lives of famous and talented people from the other point of view – we tell you stories about them. And the field seems to be endless. Nature gives some people to distinguish talents but deprive them of something else at the same time. That is why some great scientists might be absent-minded and not punctual. Such kind of disbalance just can’t but make funny stories.

Our aim is to tell you all the funny and interesting stories and comic moments of the lives of talented and famous people entertaining you.

Have a good time!