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Zakarine : biography

16 July 1840 - 25 March 1904

King Zakarine, also known as Sakkarin, Sakharine, Sackarine, Zackarine, and Zacharine (originally Kham Souk) (full name Samdach Brhat Chao Maha Sri Vitha Lan Xang Hom Khao Luang Prabang Parama Sidha Khattiya Suriya Varman Brhat Maha Sri Sakarindra ) (16 July 1840 – 25 March 1904) was the King of Luang Prabang from 1895 to 1904.

Early life

He was brought up in Luang Phrabang and he was educated privately which only wealthy Lao people did. Later on he married 7 wives, included Queen Thongsy, and had 10 sons and 4 daughters. Thongsy was childless, so he adopted Queen Khamphane, wife of King Sisavang Vong, He commanded the Royal Forces against the Haw invasion, (Chinese rebels of the Taiping rebellion) in 1874.He fled to Bangkok after the sack of Luang Prabang in 1887.

King of Luang Phrabang

In 1888, the King of Siam appointed him regent for his father. Zakarine officially succeeded his father, 15 December 1895 and was crowned at Luang Prabang, 14 July 1896.During his reign he was forced to accept a French protectorate over the kingdom on the 3 October 1893 after his father agreed to having French protection.He died from cerebral hemorrhage on 25 March 1904. He was succeeded by his son, King Sisavang Vong.

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