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Yuriy Kravchenko : biography

March 5, 1951 - March 4, 2005

Yuriy Fedorovych Kravchenko ( March 5, 1951 – March 4, 2005) was a Ukrainian police officer and statesman. In 2000, while a Minister of Internal Affairs, Kravchenko became directly involved in the murder case of Georgiy Gongadze and subsequent Cassette Scandal. Later he was the governor of Kherson Oblast (December 2001 – April 2002) and Head of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine (December 2002 – June 2003).

Gongadze Case and Cassette Scandal

See also: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine#Post-Independence reformation and the Gongadze case.

Early biography

Born in Oleksandriia, Kirovohrad Oblast, Kravchenko was a militsiya officer who made the top-possible career in Ukrainian police. Minister of Internal Affairs from 1995 until sacking in March 2001.

Post-scandal career

Suspicious death

Kravchenko was found dead in his apartment near Kiev on March 4, 2005. He was at that time called as a witness in the murder case of Gongadze. It was claimed that Kravchenko committed suicide, some news reports by Kim Murphy, L.A. Times (March 13, 2005), Committee to Protect Journalists (August 16, 2011) have suggested that he suffered two gunshot wounds to the head.

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