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Yuri Matiyasevich : biography

March 2, 1947 -

Yuri Vladimirovich Matiyasevich, ( born March 2, 1947, in Leningrad) is a Russian mathematician and computer scientist. He is best known for his negative solution of Hilbert's tenth problem, presented in his doctoral thesis, at LOMI (the Leningrad Department of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics).

Awards and honors

  • In 1964, Yuri Matiyasevich won a gold medal at International Mathematical Olympiad held in Moscow.
  • In 1970, he was awarded the prize of the Leningrad Mathematical Society.
  • In 1980, he received a Markov Prize of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
  • In 1996, he received his Docteur Honoris Causa de l'Université d'Auvergne.
  • In 1998, he received Humboldt Research Award to Outstanding Scholars.
  • In 2003, he was granted his Docteur Honoris Causa de l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris-6).
  • In 2007, he was elected to Bayern Academy of Sciences.


  • In 1962-1963, Matiyasevich studied at Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239;
  • In 1963-1964, he studied at ;
  • In 1964-1969, Matiyasevich studied at of Leningrad State University. As a winner of IMO Yuri Matiyasevich was accepted without exams to LSU, skipping the last year of high school studies.
  • In 1966, he presented a talk at International Congress of Mathematicians held in Moscow. He was a second-year undergraduate student at that time.
  • In 1969-1970, he pursued Ph.D. studies at Leningrad Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics under supervision of .
  • In 1970, he received his Ph.D. degree at LOMI.
  • In 1970-1974, he was a researcher at LOMI.
  • In 1972, he obtained a second doctoral degree (called "doktor nauk" in Soviet Union).
  • In 1974-1980, he was a senior researcher at LOMI.
  • Since 1980, Yuri Matiyasevich has been the head of at LOMI.
  • Since 1995, he has been a professor of Saint-Petersburg State University, initially at the chair of software engineering, later at the chair of algebra and number theory.
  • In 1997, he was elected as a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Since 1998, Yuri Matiyasevich has been a vice-president of St. Petersburg Mathematical Society.
  • Since 2002, he has been a head of .
  • Since 2003, Matiyasevich has been a co-director of annual German-Russian student school .
  • In 2008, he was elected as a full member of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Notable facts

  • A polynomial related to colorings of triangulation of sphere was named after Matiyasevich; see .
  • He was a member of the American Mathematical Society and the Association for Symbolic Logic; and also of the editorial boards for the journals and .
  • His Erdős number is 2: Yuri Matiyasevich - Richard Guy - Paul Erdős.
  • Notable students include: , , , , .
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