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Yoko Gushiken : biography

June 26, 1955 -


Gushiken was known for having strong stamina, allowing him to pressure opponents into mistakes after many rounds. His southpaw stance allowed him to take advantage of many mistakes, usually by throwing unexpected combinations of punches instead of waiting for counterpunch opportunities.

His popularity centered in mainland Japan, where he was known by the nickname Fierce Eagle and crowds were normally sold out. He quickly rose through the amateur ranks and won All-Japan in high school.

WBA Light Flyweight Championship

After that, he went pro and fought for the WBA Light Flyweight crown after just nine professional fights. He defeated Juan Antonio Guzmán, a well-seasoned pro, by knockout in the seventh round. He held the championship for over four years. In thirteen defenses, he won eight by knockout.

Panamanian Jaime Rios nearly defeated Gushiken in 1977 and 1978, but lost after wilting in the last rounds of each match. Other defeats of note were against future champions Alfonso Lopez and Rafael Pedroza. As with Rios, they lost after many rounds of being worn down by Gushiken.

In his thirteenth title defense, he fought Mexican Pedro Flores, winning by a close margin. In the rematch, Florez was better at reserving his energy and defeated Gushiken by knockout in the twelfth round. Many expected Gushiken to return to the ring, but he announced his retirement five months after his loss. While he does not box anymore, he remains a popular figure in Japan.

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