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Wolter Disney : biography

05 December 1901 - 15 December 1966

Wolter Disney was a creator of the first sound, musical and full-length animated cartoons in the history of cinema. He had an unusually intense life, he was a director of 111 films and a producer of 576 film works. His outstanding merits in the field of cinematographic art was awarded with 25 Oscar statuettes and Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, which had Oscar’s status, and also with many others awards and prizes.

Early years

Wolt Disney was born on the 5th of December in 1901 in Chicago. He had English, Irish and German ancestors. In 1906 his family moved to a farm in the state Missouri, and in 1910 they moved in Kansas-city. At the age of fourteen Wolt worked as a delivery boy, delivering newspapers. During the First world war Disney served, driving a medical car of the International Red Cross in France.

In 1919 Disney started to work as an artist in a film advertisement company, where he began creating his first advertisement films – then he realized that he wanted to continue his experiments in a world of drawn animation. With the lapse of time he established the first animation studio “Laugh-O-Gram” in Kansas, his partner and the main animator was Ub Iwerks. But soon the company collapsed.


In 1922-1937 Wolt Disney worked only as a creative worker, and after the war he began to produce films. In 1923 he moved to Los-Angeles, where he and his brother Roy founded a small animation studio under the name “The Walt Disney Company” in Hollywood. On the first of March in 1924 Disney presented his first trick film “Alice’s day at the seaside” on the motif of Lewis Carrol’s book “Alice in Wonderland”. A series of films, animated in 1926-1927, the director also named after the main character of this book – “Alice in Animation Land” (Disney made 56 films about Alice’s adventures). At that time the style of Disney animated cartoons began to be formed.

Mickey Mouse and others

In 1927 a film “Osvald the Lucky Rabbit” was very popular, and the character of this film opened a series of famous characters from Disney’s films. Mickey Mouse, who was painted by Ub Iwerks, was called Mortimer at first, but soon he got a name which is famous in the whole world nowadays. Firstly Mickey Mouse appeared in a silent film “Mad Aeroplan” (1928), in that year he became a character of the first sound film of Disney – “Steamboat Willie” (the first drawn film with synchronous sound in the history). In first films Wolt Disney post-synched the mouse by himself, and soon they opened a way to success for the director.

In 1929 Disney started to work on a series “Naive symphonies”, and by 1938 he had produced more than 70 episodes, including “Dance of Sceletons” (1929), “The Ugly duckling” (1932), “Three Little Pigs” (1933). In these films Pluto the Pup (1930), Goofy (1932) and Donald Duck (1934) appeared.

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Pinocchio”

When Disney was fourteen and he was a delivery boy, he saw a short silent cartoon about Snow White in Kansas’City and remembered it for life. In autumn of 1934 Disney made the first outline of the script on motifs of brothers Grimm’s fairy-tale. On the last version of the script several people worked, including Otto Inglander, Earl Hard and Ted Sierce. On the 21st of December in 1937 for the first time a full-length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” on motifs of brothers Grimm’s fairy-tale appeared on American screens. “Snow White” brought great success to Wolt Disney: he became very popular, earned eight million dollars and got enthusiastic reviews in professional press.

Soon new full-length films appeared. “Pinocchio” on the fairy-tale of Italian writer Carlo Collodi was took by audience with delight, which also was shared by critics. Disney’s success was a result of titanic work: in order to draw a scene, where Pinocchio tried to escape from the whale, artists had been studying habits and movements of real whales for a long time. The music in this films, which was composed by Li Hairline, Paul Smith and Ned Washington, was awarded with "Oscar".

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