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Witold Leon Czartoryski : biography

February 10, 1864 - September 6, 1945

Prince Witold Leon Karol Adam Jarosław Jerzy Czartoryski (1864-1945) was a Polish noble (Ksiaze, Szlachcic) and landowner. He served as the general commissar of Galicia and Lodomeria from the end of Russian occupation in 1917 to full incorporation as part of Poland on 1 November 1918. He was a hereditary member of the Austrian House of Lords (Herrenhaus) from 1908 and an elected Senator of the Polish Republic (1922-1928)

Witold became owner of Pełkinie, Wiązownica, Konarzewo, Byliny estates in Poland and Weinhaus in Vienna.

Witold was a well known horse racing enthusiast. He set up a world renowned hot bloods stud in Pełkinie, which bred the remarkable Arabian horses Czubuthan, Babolna, Ba-Ida, Kasmira and Aeniza.

He was married to Jadwiga Dzieduszycka, married on February 21, 1889 in Lwów. They had twelve children together, including Maria Anna Czartoryska, Anna Maria Czartoryska, Kazimierz Jerzy Czartoryski, Jerzy Piotr Czartoryski, Włodzimierz Alfons Czartoryski, Jan Franciszek Czartoryski, Roman Jacek Czartoryski, Stanisław Ignacy Czartoryski, Elżbieta Czartoryska. Adam Michał Czartoryski, Witold Tadeusz Czartoryski and Piotr Michał Czartoryski.

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