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August 23, 1884 - September 19, 1949

William Jacob "Will" Cuppy (August 23, 1884 – September 19, 1949) was an American humorist and literary critic, known for his satirical books about nature and historical figures.

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  • Book about Will Cuppy

Early life

Cuppy was born in Auburn, Indiana. He was named "Will" in memory of an older brother of his father's who died of wounds he received as a Union officer at the Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson.R.E. Banta (ed.), Indiana Authors and Their Books, 1816–1916, Crawfordsville, IN: Wabash College, 1949, p. 80. Captain William H. Cuppy, 44th Regiment Indiana Infantry, was sent home to South Whitley, where he died July 15, 1862, age 26.Another relative, Cuppy's great-great uncle John Cuppy, Jr., an "Indian scout," is reported to have encountered John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman in eastern Ohio in 1801. Chapman reportedly warned John Cuppy and three of his companions of hostile Delaware Indians in the vicinity. Howard Means, Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, the American Story, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2011, p. 137. ISBN 978-1-4391-7825-6 Cuppy's father, Thomas Jefferson Cuppy (1844–1912), was at different times a grain dealer, a seller of farm implements and a lumber buyer for the Eel River branch of the Wabash Railroad. His mother, Frances Stahl Cuppy (1855–1927), was a seamstress and worked in a small shop located next to the family home in Auburn.Cuppy described his mother as "a singer of great talent." While she sang in the choir of the Auburn Presbyterian Church, Will pumped the old-fashioned pipe organ, an experience that he said led to his membership in the "Guild of Former Pipe Organ Pumpers." The Guild of Former Pipe Organ Pumpers was a real organization. Cuppy's framed certificate of membership, dated 1929, is among his papers at the University of Chicago Library. See . Young Cuppy spent summers at a farm belonging to his grandmother, Sarah Collins Cuppy (1813–1900), on the banks of the Eel River near South Whitley, Indiana. He later said that this was where he acquired his early knowledge of the natural world which he satirized in his writings.Stanley Kunitz and Howard Haycraft (eds.), Twentieth Century Authors, New York: H.W. Wilson Co., 1942, p.341.

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