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Werner Lucas : biography

December 27, 1917 - October 24, 1943

Werner Georg Emil Lucas (27 December 1917 – 24 October 1943) was a Luftwaffe fighter pilot, born on December 27, 1917 in north Berlin, Germany. He was a highly decorated 'ace' with some 106 aircraft claimed destroyed in total, including one four engined bomber ('viermot') whilst in the Western theatre of war.(Source - Obermaier)


  • Iron Cross (1939) 2nd and 1st Class
  • Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe on 2 October 1941 as Unteroffizier and pilotPatzwall 2008, p. 138.
  • German Cross in Gold on 27 March 1942 Feldwebel in the 4./JG 3Patzwall and Scherzer 2001, p. 286.
  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 19 September 1942 as Feldwebel and pilot in the 4./JG 3 "Udet"Fellgiebel 2000, p. 296.

World War II

He joined 4./JG 3 'Udet' on 8 Februar 1941 as an Unteroffizier, receiving the Luftwaffe Honour Goblet on 2 October 1941 (date from original Goblet); the German Cross in Gold on 27 March 1942;(Source - Scherzer) and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 19 September 1942, as a Feldwebel with 57 air victories.

He was appointed Leutnant in November 1942 and held the rank of Hauptmann (Staffelkapitän) at the time of his death in October 1943. 105 of his claims were made against the Soviet Air Force in 1941-43 while serving on the Eastern front with Jagdgeschwader 3.

Whilst with JG 3 flying from Schiphol, Holland, he was killed in combat with a Spitfire possibly escorting USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress bombers on 24 October 1943, and crashed in the city centre of Leiden Holland. He then, on purpose, crashed his Me 109-G (Werknummer 27080 —factory number— 'White 7') exactly in the courtyard of a hospital on the Hooigracht, thus taking no other people with him than his 106 kills. This made him an unsung hero. His body remains in his plane until this day. ( article on this in Verenigde Vleugels, nr 2 March 2012 )

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