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September 5, 1947 -

Wayne Worcester is an American journalist and author. He was born in Keene, New Hampshire in 1947.

Worcester graduated from the University of New Hampshire and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. After working as a reporter and magazine writer, in 1987 he became a journalism professor at the University of Connecticut. He is the author of a series of Sherlock Holmes novels.

Short stories

  • "Sweet Rewards" (included in the mystery anthology And the Dying Was Easy (© 2001) ISBN 0-451-20329-1)


  • The Essential Researcher (©1993) ISBN 0-06-271514-3


Worcester was a news reporter for the Providence Journal in Providence, Rhode Island for over a decade before he joined the faculty at the University of Connecticut as a journalism professor in 1987. He also wrote several Sherlock Holmes novels around that time.

In 1975, Worcester reported on the theft of over $30 million worth of valuables from safe deposit boxes. Most of the valuables belonged to the New England mafia. This would continue to be Worcester's most prominent work for years to come, including the ongoing investigation.

Worcester has been diagnosed with narcolepsy and has been featured in national media coverage of the illness, including NBC News.

In 1987, Worcester began working as a journalism professor at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. He retired in May 2013.

In his ceremonial final lecture, Worcester complained that his Wikipedia article contained significant misinformation about him. According to Worcester, "This morning I looked up my own name in Wikipedia, and learned things about myself I did not know, For example, I was born in Oklahoma but moved to New Hampshire when I was only a year old. The truth is, as far as I know, I’ve never set foot in Oklahoma. Never." The article also stated that Worcester won an award for his class on the history of weather reporting. Such a class has never existed at UConn, but Worcester joked that it would make a good HBO Series.

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