Walter de Stapledon bigraphy, stories - Bishop of Exeter; Lord High Treasurer of England

Walter de Stapledon : biography

1 February 1261 - 15 October 1326

Walter de Stapledon (or Stapeldon) (1 February 1261 – 15 October 1326), English bishop, was born at Annery in the parish of Monkleigh, North Devon, England.

On 13 March 1307 Stapledon was chosen Bishop of Exeter, and was consecrated on 13 October 1308.Fryde, et al. Handbook of British Chronology p. 246 He went on errands to France for both Edward I and Edward II, and attended the councils and parliaments of his time. As Lord High Treasurer of England, an office to which he was appointed twice, once in 1320 and once in 1322,Fryde, et al. Handbook of British Chronology p. 105 Stapledon was associated in the popular mind with the misdeeds of Edward II, and consequently, after the king fled before the advancing troops of Queen Isabella, he was murdered in London by the mob on 15 October 1326.Buck "" Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Stapeldon founded Exeter College, Oxford, which originated in Stapeldon Hall, established in 1314 by the bishop and his elder brother, Sir Richard Stapeldon, a judge of the king's bench. It was frequented by sons of the Devonshire gentry for many centuries. He also contributed very liberally to the rebuilding of Exeter Cathedral. His tomb is on the north side of the high altar in the cathedral.

He was the son of Sir Richard Stapledon, descended from a noble stock. The Stapledons originated at the estate of Stapledon, in the parish of Cookbury, near Holsworthy, Devon.John Prince, Danmonii Orientales Illustres: Or, the Worthies of Devon, first published c.1701, 1810 edition. p. 722


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