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Władysław Hieronim Sanguszko : biography

20 September 1803 - 15 April 1870

Prince Władysław Hieronim Sanguszko (1803–1870) was a Polish noble (szlachcic), conservative politician.

Władysław participated in the November Uprising in 1830–1831. He was owner of Gumniśki estate and ran there an Arabian horse stud farm. From 1861 to 1869 member of the National Sejm in Galicia and member of the Herrenhaus. An opposite of the January Uprising of 1863–1864. Since 1854 chairman of the "Society of Friends of Arts" in Kraków.

He was married to Izabella Maria Lubomirska and had five children: Pawel Roman Sanguszko, Jadwiga Klementyna Sanguszko and Roman Damian Sanguszko, Eustachy Stanisław Sanguszko and Helena Sanguszko.

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