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Vanessa Paradis : biography

22 December 1972 -

On the 22 of December in 1972 a girl was born in a French town Saint-Maur-des-Fosses, she got two very beautiful names – Vanessa Chantal. Her father, a designer Andre Paradis, owned a company, which produced mirrors. He often took daughter to work, and father’s office, full of different peculiar mirrors, seemed a cave with treasure from fairy-tales to little Vanessa. The girl was brought up in an artistic and refined atmosphere, moreover, her last name means “paradise” in French. She had a house on the Seine’ bank, with lilies in the garden, prosperity and loving parents – what else does a child need? But little Vanessa’s world didn’t come to nothing more than this calm and happy life.

Since early childhood the girl knew that she wanted to become a singer, and he persistently realized this dream about a singer’s career. Dancing and piano lessons weren’t in vain – Didier Pain, Vanessa’s uncle and a producer from a record company, found the little girl’s talent and decided that age wasn’t an obstacle for public performances. Though, her parents reluctantly allowed the girl to take part in “L’ecole des fans”, a TV competition of young talents. In May of 1980 seven year old Vanessa made the first step of her career, performed a song “Emilie Jolie”. Success turned out to be stunning, though it didn’t bring victory and didn’t make Andre and Corinne happy, who knew perfectly what show business was. Nevertheless, they yielded to daughter’s persuasion and allowed her to perform on the next year. Children’s contest of popular songs took place in Turin, and Vanessa went to Italy. She didn’t win Eurovision’s award – but the girl had a priceless scene experience.

In 1985 Didier Pain brought the girl in a Paris studio, to his friends Franck Langolf and Etienne Roda-Gil, who were working on compositions for Sophie Marceau. Thirteen year old Vanessa’s voice surprised professional musicians so much, that Franck and Etienne decided to write a song for the girl. It was “Joe le Taxi” that made Vanessa Paradis famous. This single appeared in April of 1987 and immediately became a hit, it stayed on the first charts of France for three months. Moreover, in all European countries “Joe le Taxi” didn’t fall lower than the third place. A clip was made on this sensational song, and in December the second, just as successful as the first, song appeared – “Manolo Manolete”. But Vanessa calls this time awful – because critics of the young star divided into two absolutely opposite groups. One part admired “angelic voice and appearance”, and the other part nicknamed the young singer as “a little poseur”. Though, negative opinions only increased Vanessa’s fame. She was only fourteen years old, and befallen fame stunned more than gladdened. When she was giving an interview to British journalists, she was literally happy that she knew English badly and wouldn’t manage to tell so many silly things, as she did tell to French press…

Her first album appeared a year later and became platinum. But the destiny firmly decided to make this talented girl not only a singer – in 1988 Jean-Claude Brisseau, a famous director, saw Vanessa Paradis. Brisseau immediately decided that this fair-haired charming girl shoulв play in his new film, and in December Vanessa came to a shooting area of a film “Noce Blanche”. Her partner was Bruno Cremer. Shootings went quickly, and the premiere took place in spring of 1989 – and brought Vanessa problems again. It was very hard to play in a film, and the role, which was serious and was played perfectly by Vanessa, was too ambiguous. The film’s script told about a sudden passion between a teenage girl and her teacher of philosophy and was full of rather undisguised scenes. This psychological drama, which was made not for erotica, became scandalously famous, and French women literally hated a seventeen year old actress for such a immoral role. Vanessa became a laureate of the “Ceasar” award (as the best beginner actress) and got the Romy Schneider prize, but it didn’t change her reputation. The whole Paradis family also suffered from the scandal. Parents quickly sent the girl to another school, but it didn’t save her from ill fame. She had to give up school.

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