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Valerio Evangelisti : biography

June 20, 1952 -

Valerio Evangelisti (born June 20, 1952) is an Italian writer of science fiction, fantasy, historical novels and horror. He is known mainly for his series of novels featuring the inquistor Nicolas Eymerich and for the Nostradamus trilogy, all bestsellers translated into many languages. Some of his books are seen as part of the body of literary works known as the New Italian Epic.

Main works

Historical essays

  • Storia del partito socialista rivoluzionario 1881-1893 (1981), Cappelli, Bologna
  • Il galletto rosso, precariato e conflitto di classe in Emilia Romagna 1880-1890 with Salvatore Sechi, (1982), Marsilio, Venezia
  • Sinistre eretiche, dalla banda Bonnot al Sandinismo, 1905-1984 (1985), SugarCo, Milano
  • Gallerie nel presente. Punk, Snuffs, Contras: tre studi di storia simultanea' (1988), Lacaita, Bari
  • Gli sbirri alla lanterna: la plebe giacobina bolognese dall'anno I all'anno V (1792-1797) (1991), Bold Machine, Bologna

Eymerich series

  • Nicolas Eymerich inquisitore (1994)
  • Le catene di Eymerich (1995)
  • Il corpo e il sangue di Eymerich (1996)
  • Il mistero dell'inquisitore Eymerich (1996)
  • Cherudek (1997)
  • Picatrix, la scala per l'inferno (1998)
  • Il castello di Eymerich (2001)
  • Mater Terribilis (2002)
  • La luce di Orione (2007)
  • Rex tremendae maiestatis (2010)

Metal Hurlant series

  • Metallo urlante (1998)
  • Black Flag (2002)
  • Antracite (2003)

Nostradamus Trilogy

  • Magus: Il Presagio (1999)
  • Magus. L'Inganno (1999)
  • Magus: L'Abisso (1999)
  • Magus: Il Romanzo di Nostradamus (2000)

Pirates Cycle

  • Tortuga (2008)
  • Veracruz (2009)
  • Cartagena (2012) November

Other novels

  • Gocce nere (2001)
  • Noi saremo tutto (2004)
  • Il collare di fuoco (2005)
  • Il collare spezzato (2006)


  • La furia di Eymerich, (2003 – art by Francesco Mattioli)
  • Nicolas Eymerich inquisitore (2003 – art by David Sala)

With Others

  • Controinsurrezioni ([2008]), with Antonio Moresco.


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Evangelisti earned his degree in Political Science in 1976 with a historical-political thesis. He was born in Bologna, where he currently lives; he spends some time each year in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, where he owns a house.

Until 1990 his career was mainly academic. He also worked for the Italian Ministero delle Finanze (Treasury Department). His first written works were historical essays, including five books and some forty articles. In 1993 his novel Nicolas Eymerich, inquisitore won the Urania Award, which was established by Urania, Italy’s main science fiction magazine, with the aim of discovering new talent in the field. Urania published other novels of the series in the following years: Le catene di Eymerich ("Eymerich’s Chains", 1995), Il corpo e il sangue di Eymerich ("Eymerich’s Body and Blood", 1996), Il mistero dell'inquisitore Eymerich ("Eymerich’s Mystery", 1996), Cherudek (1997), Picatrix, la scala per l'inferno ("Picatrix, the Stairway to Hell", 1998), Il castello di Eymerich ("Eymerich’s Castle", 2001), Mater terribilis (2002). Most of the last ones were however first published as hardcover.

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