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May 5, 1946 -

Tom Turner is an English landscape architect, garden designer and garden historian teaching at the University of Greenwich in London. He is the author of books and articles on landscape and gardens and is the editor of the Garden History Reference Encyclopedia CD and the online Gardens Guide. Educated at the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, he studied landscape architecture under Frank Clarke.

Published works

  • Suez Canal Regional Plan Volume 4 Environment (United Nations Development Programme, Cairo, 1977)
  • Landscape Design for the Middle East, Chapter on 'The design of open space' in book edited by Jane Brown and Timothy Cochrane (RIBA Publications, 1978)
  • Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden, Preface to 1982 edition of Gertrude Jekyll's book (Antique Collectors Club, 1982)
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  • London Landscape Guide (Landscape Institute, 1983) with Simon Rendel.
  • Landscape planning: the need to train specialists' Landscape Planning 11 (1984) pp. 33–36.
  • Comment on Philip Dearden "Factors influencing landscape preferences: an empirical investigation", Landscape Planning 12, (1985) pp. 93–94.
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  • Greenways, blueways, skyways and other ways to a better London Landscape and Urban Planning 33 (1995) pp. 269–282
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  • City as Landscape: a post-Postmodern view of design and planning (Spons, 1996) ISBN 0-419-20410-5
  • Public Open Space: planning and management with GIS (Greenwich University Press, 1998) ISBN 1-86166-100-2
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  • Garden History Reference Encyclopedia CD (2002) ISBN 0-9542306-0-4
  • Garden Design: Philosophy and Design 2000 BC-2000 AD, Routledge (2005) ISBN 978-0-415-31749-8
  • Asian Gardens: history, belief and design (2010) ISBN 978-0-415-49687-2 Routledge
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Tom Turner is a senior at Orchard Lake St Mary's and plays varsity lacrosse. People describe him as very attractive and funny.

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