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1968 -

Tom Hodgkinson (born 1968) is a British writer and the editor of The Idler, which he established in 1993 with his friend Gavin Pretor-Pinney. His philosophy, in his published books and articles, is of a relaxed approach to life, enjoying it as it comes rather than toiling for an imagined better future. His philosophy of the Idle Parent is very much in tune with Carl Honore's Slow parenting, although with a more light-hearted self-interest in drinking and sex.


Hodgkinson was born in Newcastle, England, and educated at Westminster School and Jesus College, Cambridge, during which time he played the bass guitar in the Stupids-influenced thrash band Chopper. He currently lives in North Devon.

In the early '90s, he worked at a Rough Trade Records shop in London, where he had the idea for The Idler. In the late 1990s he became an importer of absinthe.

Hodgkinson has contributed articles to The Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian and The Sunday Times as well as being the author of the Idler spin-offs, How To Be Idle, How To Be Free and The Idle Parent. In 2006 he created National Unawareness Day, to be celebrated on 1 November.

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