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Thomas G. Burch : biography

July 3, 1869 - March 20, 1951

Thomas Granville Burch (July 3, 1869March 20, 1951) was an American farmer, tobacco manufacturer, and politician from Martinsville, Virginia. He represented Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1931 until 1946. In 1946 he served as a U.S. Senator after Carter Glass died in office until a successor was elected.

Burch was born near the community of Dyer's Store in Henry County, Virginia. Early in his life, he worked as a farmer and for a tobacco manufacturing company. After his move to Martinsville, where he was elected mayor, Burch worked in banking, and later in the real estate and insurance businesses, owning a business devoted to both. Burch was elected as a Democrat to the 72nd Congress in 1931, and served until May 1946, when he was appointed to the United States Senate. Thomas 'Tom' Burch was married April 22, 1903 to Mary Ellen Anson, the daughter of Rev. Alfred W. Anson, an Episcopal priest born at Windsor Castle, son of Hon. Rev. Frederick Anson.

Thomas G. Burch is interred at Oakwood Cemetery in Martinsville.

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