Thomas Anders bigraphy, stories - A German singer, a former soloist of “Modern Talking”

Thomas Anders : biography

01 March 1963 -

In the fist day of spring in 1963, in a small German town Munstermaifeld, Mayen-Koblenz, a boy, who was fated to become a famous singer Thomas Anders twenty years later, was born. But his parents, Helga and Peter Weidung, gave the boy a name Bernd. He was the second child in the family, and the Weidungs desired a daughter, and Bernd managed within reasonable limits to live up to their expectations. Even when he was a baby, he didn’t give a lot of trouble and didn’t change, when he became older. He was affectionate, calm and very handsome; he liked Barbie dolls, especially long-haired blonds. Incidentally, these features attracted him most in women later.

When Bernd was six, his future became clear. The Weidungs rented a small café with a shop, and their son began to sing hymns during Christmas. The boy turned out to have an angelic voice. Soon he got a guitar as a present, and he learnt to play. Since that time he couldn’t live without music, and besides, he listened English and French singers, tried to imitate them. When he started to go to school, he immediately was included in the boys’ choir. His first performance took place in Christmas in 1970, when father allowed Bernd take part in a local Christmas celebration. Bernd got his first honorarium – a packet of chips and a chocolate – for singing a song of Santa Clause in Christmas performance.

Soon Bernd had a sister, but it didn’t make parents forbid the boy to listen to the music and sing, even when he started to learn to play the piano. Though, Bernd tried to behave himself – he was good, polite and complaisant – he was called “a real gentleman” in childhood. But he didn’t have any interests besides music. At the age of fourteen he started to learn dancing, but mainly after the example of classmates. He wasn’t interested in sport nor in studies – probably, because of natural laziness. But Bernd wasте stupid and understood perfectly, that he wouldn’t achieve anything if he didn’t do anything.

After taking part in some local competitions he got several awards, but it wasn’t a real success. In 1979 radio “Luxemburg” announced a competition of young talents, and in January of 1980 Bernd Weidung won it with a song “Judi”. It was a serious win, considering that CBS company immediately offered him a contract. Bernd was under age, that’s why the contract had his father’s sign. Father agreed with a reasonable suggestion of CBS managers to choose a stage name for the young talent. And Bernd Weidung became Thomas Anders at the age of seventeen. The singer’s manager Peter Kreb, who newly-made Thomas met during the competition, introduced him to a Frankfurt producer Daniel David, and they recorded a single “Judi”.

All early songs of the future star were about love, but in reality Thomas didn’t have any relationships – he was very shy and really busy. Since September of 1980 Thomas began to tour across the country. Besides, he was a participant of a youth rock festival “Tommy’s Teen Rock Show” and a large TV show “Hatten sie heute Zeit fur uns?”. The second single under the name “You’re crying about him” appeared, and in December a German magazine “BRAVO” published the first article about Thomas Anders.

Peter Weidung didn’t prevent his son from music, but he though that he should have good education, and Thomas, who hadn’t even finished school, became a student of the Eihenford gymnasium in Koblenz. In 1982 he finally got a certificate about secondary education and immediately after exams entered the university of Meinz on the department of journalism. Studying philology, political journalism and musicology, Thomas didn’t forget music – he constantly performed on discos and in clubs, he left his first manager and changed a record company. There was a lable “Nansa” on the single recorded with G.G. Anderson and Bernd Dietrich.

In one of Coblenz clubs Thomas met his first love – Stefany. The girl was three years older and five centimeters taller than Thomas, but he was impressed with her voice and appearance. But on closer examination he appeared to be too romantic for the girl, and she found a more mature friend. A young singer didn’t make a tragedy and continued to study and sing. Soon he met Nora Balling, who was his girlfriend for a long time.

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