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Tadeusz Krwawicz : biography

January 15, 1910 - August 17, 1988

Tadeusz Krwawicz (January 15, 1910 – August 17, 1988) was a Polish ophthalmologist. He pioneered the use of cryosurgery in ophthalmology.A . Skłodowska, J. Szaflik. "". Okulistyka. 4/2007. p. 9. . A. Wróbel. . PAN Lublin. He was the first to describe a method of cataract extraction by cryoadhesion in 1961,A. C. B. Moleteno et al. "The 'Wits' Cryophake - a new principle in cryophake design". S.A. Medical Journal. 16 November 1968. p. 1201.S. P. Amoils. "A cryothermic cataract extraction technique". S. A. Medical Journal. 10 September 1966. p. 797.T. Gwilym Davies. "Intracapsular cataract extraction using low temperature". British Journal of Ophthalmology. 49, 137. 1965. p. 137. and to develop a probe by means of which cataracts can be grasped and extracted.G. Gorin. History of Ophthalmology. Publish or Perish Inc. 1982. p. 474.

The Tadeusz Krwawicz Gold Medal is awarded by the International Council of Ophthalmology Board every four years.. August 29, 2011. .

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