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Spytek of Melsztyn (died 1399) : biography

c. 1364 - August 12, 1399

Spytek of Melsztyn () was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).

Spytek was owner of Melsztyn estates. He served as Court Marshal since 1373, voivode of Kraków Voivodeship since 1381, starosta of Biec since 1383 and Kraków since 1390.

He initiated the marriage of Queen Jadwiga of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania - to become king of Poland - Władysław II Jagiełło. In 1391–1396 Spytek reclaimed the Land of Wieluń and Orzeszków from Prince Władysław Opolczyk. In 1395 the King gave Spytek a part of Podolia as fief.

He was married to Elizabeth Lackovic and had four children: Jadwiga of Melsztyn, Dorota of Melsztyn, Katarzyna of Melsztyn and Spytek of Melsztyn.

Spytek died in fight with Tatars in the Battle of the Vorskla River.

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