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Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat : biography

09 July 1911 - 16 March 1995

Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat and 4th Baron Lovat, DSO, MC, TD (9 July 1911 in Beaufort Castle, Inverness, Scotland – 16 March 1995 in Beauly, Inverness-shire, Scotland ]] 21 August 2010) was the 25th Chief of the Clan Fraser and a prominent British Commando during the Second World War. His friends called him "Shimi" Lovat, an anglicised version of his name in the Scottish Gaelic language. His clan referred to him as MacShimidh, his Gaelic patronym, meaning Son of Simon. Simon is the favoured family name for the Chiefs of Clan Fraser. While legally the 15th Lord, he is commonly known as the 17th Lord Lovat. He was also 4th Baron Lovat in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.

Later life

Lord Lovat made a full recovery from the severe wounds he had received in France but was unable to return to the army (he transferred to the reserve in 1949). Winston Churchill requested that he become Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms in the House of Lords; however, Lord Lovat declined the offer and in 1945 joined the Government as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, "becoming responsible for the functions of the Ministry of Economic Warfare when these were taken over by the Foreign Office", resigning upon Winston Churchill's election defeat. In 1946 he was made a Commander of the Venerable Order of Saint John. His formal retirement from the army came on 16 June 1962, he retained the honorary rank of brigadier.

Lord Lovat's involvement in politics continued throughout his life, in the House of Lords and the Inverness County Council. He devoted much of his time to the family estates. He was chieftain of Lovat Shinty Club, the local shinty team which bears his family name. Lord Lovat experienced a great deal of turmoil in his final years; he suffered financial ruin and two of his sons predeceased him in accidents within months of each other. A year before his death, in 1994, the family's traditional residence, Beaufort Castle, was sold.

Piper Bill Millin, Lord Lovat's personal piper who had piped the Commandos ashore on D-Day, played at Lord Lovat's funeral.


Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, Master of Lovat and 15th Lord Lovat (b. 9 Jul 1911 - d. 16 March 1995), was the son and eldest child of Simon Joseph Fraser, 14th Baron Lovat (b. 25 Nov 1871-d. 18 Feb 1933), and the Hon. Laura Lister (b. 12 Jan 1892-d. 24 Mar 1965).

His siblings were:

  • 2 Hon. Magdalen Mary Charlotte Fraser (b. 1 August 1913 - d. 27 September 1969) Died at the age of 56.
  • 3 Sir Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph Fraser (b. 23 Jan 1918 - d. 6 March 1984) Died at the age of 66 from lung cancer.
  • 4 Hon. Veronica Nell Fraser (b. 1920 - d. 27 January 2005) Died at the age of 85.
  • 5 Mary Diana Rose "Rose" Fraser (b. 15 Apr 1926 - d. 31 Aug 1940) Died at the age of 14.

He married Rosamond Delves Broughton on 10 October 1938. They had six children.

  1. Simon Augustine Fraser, Master of Lovat [b. 28 August 1939 - d. 26 March 1994] Married Virginia Grose in 1972. They had four children: the Hon. Violet Fraser (b. 1972), the Hon. Honor Fraser (b. 1973), Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 16th Lord Lovat (b. 1977), and the Hon. Jack Fraser (b. 1984). Died at the age of 54 of a heart-attack while hunting on the family estate at Beaufort Castle.
  2. Hon. Fiona Mary Fraser [b. 6 July 1941] Married Robin Richard Allen in 1982 and have no issue.
  3. Hon. Annabel Thérèse ("Tessa") Fraser [b. 15 October 1942] She married her first husband Hugh William Mackay, 14th Baron Reay 14 September 1964 and divorced in 1978. They had 3 children: Æneas Simon Mackay, Master of Reay (b. 20 Mar 1965), the Hon. Laura Mackay (b. 1966), and the Hon. Edward Andrew Mackay (b. 1976). She married her second husband Henry Neville Lindley Keswick in 1985 and have no issue.
  4. Hon. Kim Maurice Fraser [b. 4 January 1946] Married Joanna ("Janna") North on 18 Oct 1975 and has 3 sons: Thomas Oswald Mungo Fraser (b. 25 August 1976), Joseph Oscar Edward Fraser (b. 1978), and Maximilian Alexander Kim Fraser (b. 1982). Kim is now married to Sarah, ex-wife of his second cousin Kit Fraser, a descendant of the 12th Lord Lovat.
  5. Hon. Hugh Alastair Joseph Fraser [b. 14 November 1947 - d. 20 February 2011] Married Drusilla Jane Montgomerie on 1 May 1976 and had four children: Cosmo Alexander Raoul Fraser (b. 1977), Poppy Augusta Fraser (b. 1979), Raoul Alastair Joseph Fraser (b. 1980), and Eloise Hermione Fraser (b. 1986). Patron of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society. Died of cancer at the age of 63.] ]
  6. Hon. Andrew Roy Matthew Fraser [b. 24 Feb 1952 - d. 15 Mar 1994] Married Lady Charlotte Anne Greville (b. 6 Jun 1958) in 1979 and had 2 daughters: Daisy Rosamund Fraser (b. 1985) and Laura Alfreda Fraser (b. 1987). Died at the age of 42 after being fatally gored by buffalo while on safari in Tanzania.
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