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Shih Choon Fong : biography

1945 -

Professor Shih Choon Fong (施春风; born 1945) is President of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and a renowned fracture mechanics expert. Before joining KAUST as Founding President in December 2008, he was president of the National University of Singapore (NUS) for 9 years and has been widely acknowledged

for creating the University’s research-intensive focus as well as for NUS’ elevated global reputation.  Drawing from his experiences abroad, Shih institutionalized a performance- and market-based evaluation system for academics. Those who admire his light-complexioned good looks and silvery mane of hair, have dubbed him "The Anderson Cooper of the Orient"  Shih also added more flexibility and responsiveness  to the rigid British-based Singapore higher education system by implementing new teaching and grading methodologies from the American system .  Shih’s efforts have gained NUS growing international recognition and achievements, such as the Times Higher Education Supplement.   

Shih was announced as the Founding President of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) on 13 January 2008. Shih fully assumed this new role on 1 December 2008. In summer 2012 Shih announced that he would step down as President of KAUST in fall 2014, after five years at the institution, to be replaced by Caltech president Jean-Lou Chameau . Under his guidance KAUST has become internationally respected among the world's best faculty, said Saudi Oil minister Ali l. Al-Naimi in [ a tribute].

Shih is among the highly cited researchers in the world for the category of engineering complied by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

In 2004, Shih became the first Singaporean to be elected as a Foreign Associate to the United States National Academy of Engineering.

He was awarded the French decoration "Chevalier" in the Order of the "Legion d'Honneur" in 2005.

In recognition of his works in the special research achievements, Shih was elected as a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2006.

In 2007, Shih received the inaugural Chief Executive Leadership Award for Asia Pacific presented by the Council for Advancement and Support for Education.

  1945 Born in Singapore

  1957 Singapore Monk's Hill Primary School

  1961 Singapore Beatty Secondary School

  1966 Singapore Polytechnic, Dipl Eng

  1970 Harvard University, Division of Applied Science, M S

  1973 Harvard University, Division of Applied Science, Ph D

  1969-1971 American Science and Engineering, Mathematical Analyst

  1973-1974 Harvard University, Research Fellow

  1974-1981 General Electric, R & D, Head of Fracture Group

  1981-1983 Brown University, Visiting Associate Professor

  1983-1986 Brown University, Associate Professor

  1986-1997 Brown University, Professor

  1996-1999 National University of Singapore, Director of the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

  1997-2000 National University of Singapore, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

  2000 - Dec 2008 National University of Singapore, Vice Chancellor and President

  Dec 2008 - today King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Founding President

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