Shaker Aamer : biography

12 December 1968 -

The law professor Scott Horton published an award-winning article in Harper's Magazine in 2010. He said that Aamer had been brought to "Camp No," a secret interrogation black site outside the camp, with the three men who died on the day of the event. Horton described Aamer's account of having his airways cut off as "alarming" and wrote, "This is the same technique that appears to have been used on the three deceased prisoners." Colonel Michael Bumgarner, the commander of the camps during the incident and identified in Horton's article as having been present during the interrogations, denied Horton's claims.

Horton wrote that Aamer's repatriation was being delayed so that he could not testify about his alleged torture in Bagram or the events on 9 June 2006. He wrote: "American authorities may be concerned that Aamer, if released, could provide evidence against them in criminal investigations."

Calls for his release

  • September 2006, Aamer's attorneys filed a 16 page motion arguing for his removal from isolation in Guantanamo Bay prison.
  • In January 2010, his 12-year-old daughter Johina wrote a letter to Gordon Brown asking for his release.
  • August, 2010, protesters disrupted a meeting that discussed plans to create a US Embassy near Battersea, the home of Aamer.
  • On 11 December 2010, hundreds took to the streets in London near the US embassy to demand Aamer's release.
  • In February 2011, Amnesty International calls Aamer's ongoing incarceration a "mockery of justice" and denounces the "cruel limbo" he has been left in. At the same time The Guardian reported that people had sent 12.000 emails to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UK MP's in support of Aamer.
  • In her 2011 album In The Current Climate, singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie sings an imaginary first person song of Aamer entitled How The West was Won. Gillespie devoted the track to Aamer in the CD booklet.
  • In May 2011, Students of University of St Andrews protest for the release of Aamer.
  • In early 2012, approaching Aamer's completion of ten years' imprisonment in Guantánamo, campaigners stepped up efforts for his release. Among them, Jane Ellison, Tory MP for Battersea, wrote to Barack Obama to urge Aamer's release.
  • February 2012, marking the 10th anniversary of Aamer's detention, a series of protests took place in England whilst a hunger strike was undertaken in Guantanamo.
  • In December 2012, the comedian Frankie Boyle donated £50,000 to Aamer's legal fund for suits against MI6.
  • By April 2013, 117,384 British citizen or UK residents had signed an online petition to pressure the UK Government for Aamer's release.
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