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November 26, 1980 -

Ohno began his career in the entertainment industry when he joined the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates in 1994 at the age of 13. He started an acting career in 1997 when he was cast to be part of the stage play Kyo to Kyo. In 2008, Ohno became the first and the only artist from Johnny's to hold and open his own art exhibit titled "Freestyle" and received his first starring role in a Japanese television drama, for which he earned a handful of Best Actor awards. For his work as an artist, a singer, and an actor in Kaibutsu-kun the Movie, Ohno became one of the recipients of GQ Japan's Men of the Year Award in 2011.


  • Freestyle (published on February 8, 2008 by M.Co.)


Year Title Role Notes
1997 Kyo to Kyo Ushiwakamaru
1997 Show Geki '97 Mask
1998 Kyo to Kyo Ushiwakamaru
1999 Show Geki '99 Mask
1999 Shōnentai Musical Playzone’99: Goodbye and Hello
2001 Shōnentai Musical Playzone 2001 "Shinseiki" Emotion Kare
2002 Aoki-san Uchi no Okusan Satoshi Lead role
2003 Sengokupū Lead role
2004 True West Austin Lead role with Masahiro Matsuoka
2004 West Side Story Riff
2005 Bakumatsu Banpū Sōji Okita Lead role
2006 Tensei Kunpū Kaoru Kazamine Lead role
2008 Amatsukaze Nagi Lead role

Other ventures


Ohno has his own radio show called Arashi Discovery, which is currently airing every weekday from Monday to Friday on FM Yokohama since October 1, 2002.


When Ohno was in the third grade, he was inspired by his classmate's Dragon Ball illustration to start drawing. Since then, he has been drawing his own artwork and making original figurines. In 2008, he held an art exhibition called Freestyle, making him the first artist in Johnny's to hold one.

Because of his talent in the field of art, Ohno was appointed to host a four episode documentary for NHK entitled "Jakuchu Miracle World" starting on April 25, 2011. The documentary focused on analyzing artwork by a famous Edo era artist named Itō Jakuchū.

It was announced on July 28, 2012 that Ohno would host another documentary for NHK entitled "Everything Is For The Sake Of Delivering Dreams ~Walt Disney Trajectory of Creation~" on August 22, 2012. In commemoration of Walt Disney's 110th anniversary, the documentary will explore and reveal the secrets behind the origins and processes of Walt's creations.

Early life

Ohno was born in Mitaka, Tokyo as the youngest child of his family. He has one older sister. During middle school, his mother sent in his application to Johnny & Associates without his knowledge. An invitation to audition was sent back to Ohno, and he subsequently became a trainee in October 1994. In order to focus on the stage play Kyo to Kyo, which ran from 1997 to 1998 during his trainee days, he withdrew from high school and moved to Kyoto.

Awards and nominations

Year Organization Award Work Result
2008 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Summer) Best Actor Maō url=|title=Drama Grand Prix: "Maou" takes 4 out of 5|publisher=Tokyograph|date=October 19, 2008|accessdate=October 12, 2009}}
58th Television Drama Academy Awards Best Actor url=|title=主演男優賞|trans_title=Starring Actor Prize|date=2009-11-19|language=Japanese|publisher=Television Drama Academy Awards|accessdate=2009-11-21}}
12th Nikkan Sports Annual Drama Grand Prix Best Actor url=|title="Maou" wins annual Drama Grand Prix|publisher=Tokyograph|date=May 1, 2009|accessdate=October 12, 2009}}
2009 5th Annual TV Navi Drama Awards Best Actor url=|title=ドラマ・オブ・ザ・イヤー2008年間|language=Japanese|publisher=Sankei|date=March 22, 2009|accessdate=July 24, 2009}}
18th Annual TV Life Awards Best Actor url=|title=大野智が部屋で涙がボロボロ…年間ドラマ大賞は『魔王』に決定!|date=2009-02-18|language=Japanese||accessdate=2009-11-21}}
60th Television Drama Academy Awards Best Actor Uta no Oniisan url=|title=主演男優賞|trans_title=Starring Actor Prize|language=Japanese|publisher=Television Drama Academy Awards|date=2009-04-22|accessdate=2009-11-21}}
Best Theme Song url=|title=ドラマソング賞|trans_title=Theme Song Prize|language=Japanese|publisher=Television Drama Academy Awards|date=2009-04-22|accessdate=2009-11-21}}
2010 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring) Best Actor Kaibutsu-kun url=|title=Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: "Sunao ni Narenakute" takes top drama|date=2010-07-13|publisher=Tokyograph|accessdate=2010-07-14}}
65th Television Drama Academy Awards Best Actor url=|title=[第65回 主演男優賞] 大野智|date=2010-08-04|language=Japanese|publisher=Television Drama Academy Awards|accessdate=2010-08-13}}
2011 GQ Japan Men of the Year 2011 Awards Ohno was one of the five honorees for GQ Men of the Year 2011|group=fn}} title=GQ Men of the Year 2011|language=Japanese|url=|publisher=GQ Japan|accessdate=2011-12-22}}
2012 16th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring) Best Actor Kagi no Kakatta Heya title=「鍵のかかった部屋」が4冠/日刊スポーツドラマGP春|url=|publisher=Nikkan Sports|accessdate=28 July 2012|language=Japanese}}
73rd Television Drama Academy Awards Best Actor title=第73回 主演男優賞 大野智|url=|publisher=Television Drama Academy Awards|accessdate=2 September 2012|language=Japanese}}
2013 22nd Annual TV Life Awards Best Actor title=2012年年間ドラマ大賞は大野智主演『鍵のかかった部屋』に決定!|url=|publisher=TV Life|accessdate=26 February 2013}}
9th Annual TV Navi Drama Awards Best Actor title=第9回 TVnavi読者が選んだ ドラマ・オブ・ザ・イヤー2012結果発表!|url=|publisher=TV Navi|accessdate=24 April 2013}}
16th Nikkan Sports Annual Drama Grand Prix Best Actor title=嵐の大野が主演男優賞/日刊ドラマGP|url=|publisher=Nikkan Sports|accessdate=30 April 2013}}
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