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Samuel Bellamy : biography

February 23, 1689 – April 26, 1717

Captain Samuel Bellamy (c. February 23, 1689 – April 26, 1717), better known as "Black Sam" Bellamy, was an English pirate who operated in the early 18th century. Though his known career as a pirate captain lasted little more than a year, he and his crew captured at least 53 ships under his command – making him the wealthiest pirate in recorded history – before his death at age 28. Called "Black Sam" in Cape Cod folklore because he eschewed the fashionable powdered wig in favor of tying back his long black hair with a simple band, Bellamy became known for his mercy and generosity toward those he captured on his raids. This reputation earned him another nickname, the "Prince of Pirates". He likened himself to Robin Hood, with his crew calling themselves "Robin Hood’s Men."


In popular culture

Museum Exhibitions
  • An exhibition entitled "Real Pirates: The Untold Story of ‘The Whydah’ (from slave ship to pirate ship)" is touring the U.S. Venues include Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, OH; The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA; The Field Museum, Chicago, IL; Nauticus, Norfolk, VA; St. Louis, MO and Houston, TX. The exhibit is currently at the (June 21, 2013 through January 5, 2014), corner of Main and W. Pershing Rd.
Historical novels
  • Samuel Bellamy is the main character of the historical novel, "Master Of The Sweet Trade: A Story of the Pirate Samuel Bellamy, Mariah Hallett, and the Whydah," by author Elizabeth Moisan, published by iUniverse Books, Bloomington IN, 2010.
  • Samuel Bellamy appears as one of the main characters in the time travel historical novel, "House Call to The Past," by Janet Elaine Smith, published by Star Publish LLC, (3rd Edition, 2007).
  • Sam Bellamy appears as the main protagonist/hero in the bestselling novel, "Pirate In My Arms," by author Danelle Harmon, published by Avon Books, New York, NY, 1991.
  • A pirate known as "Black Bellamy" is a major character in Gideon Defoe’s novel The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists, and also appears in the other books in the The Pirates! series.
  • Sam Bellamy is a character in the book "The Mystic Rose – Celtic Fire" written by Toney Brooks and illustrated by Matthew Harvey (Wessex Books, 2001). Bellamy, now a captain in the Celtic Otherworld Navy, commands a mission returning King Arthur to the modern age.
  • Captain Bellamy appears as a minor character in the book "Cape Cod" written by William Martin in 1992.
Video – documentary
  • On 27 May 2007 a UK documentary/reality show titled followed a team of divers, including comedian Vic Reeves, in live coverage of a dive at the Whydah site.
  • On January 7, 2008 the National Geographic Channel aired a 2-hour documentary, , about the ongoing excavation of the wreck of the Whydah Gally, which includes detailed interviews with Barry Clifford. It is currently available on DVD.
Video – fiction
  • A name for the island where Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann are marooned in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is Black Sam’s Spit.
  • Captain Bellamy is a minor character in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, though the character is not a pirate and bears no resemblance to the historical Bellamy.
  • Samuel Bellamy’s life and death are the main subject of the song "The Death of Captain Bellamy", written and performed by celtic punk band Barren Waves.The Death of Captain Bellamy, Barren Waves
  • Sam Bellamy is the subject of a song by The Musical Blades.
  • A ‘Bellamy the Hyena’ character based on Samuel Bellamy appeared in the anime and manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. However, the character was based on Samuel’s last name alone as he was shown to be arrogant, vain and despises those who dream, unlike Samuel in real life.
  • Upon reaching the winter of 1717 in the game Empire: Total War the player is presented with a message that the Samuel Bellamy has died.