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September 7, 1944 -

Samuel Howard Sloan (born September 7, 1944), also known as Haji Mohammed Ismail Sloan, is an American chess player and publisher. In 2006, Sloan served on the Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation. In 1970, Sloan established a registered broker-dealer that traded over-the-counter stocks and bonds. Sloan had no formal legal training but orally argued a case before the Supreme Court after litigating against the Securities and Exchange Commission over policies regarding the trading of penny stocks., Journalist, Screenwriter, Lawyer, et al. Retrieved November 20, 2010. The Court ruled in his favor, 9–0, concerning his claim that the "tacking" of 10-day summary suspension orders for an indefinite period was an abuse of the agency's authority and a deprivation of due process. In 2010, Sloan made an unsuccessful bid for the Libertarian Party (LP) nomination in the 2010 New York gubernatorial election. He also made an unsuccessful bid for the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.


After leaving Berkeley, Sloan worked two years for the Wall Street investment banking firm of Hayden, Stone & Co. in the over-the-counter trading department. In 1970, he established Samuel H. Sloan & Co., a registered broker-dealer primarily trading over-the-counter stocks and bonds. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought civil actions against Sloan & Co. in 1971–1975 alleging he had failed to maintain adequate books and records. In 1975, the SEC revoked Sloan's broker-dealer registration. After years of litigation, Sloan in 1978 prevailed in the U.S. Supreme Court. Sloan argued the case pro se. The opposing attorney was Harvey Pitt, who was later Chairman of the SEC from 2001 to 2003. Sloan won before the U.S. Supreme Court 9–0. Sloan is the last non-lawyer to argue before the court., 436 U.S. 103 (1978), Tony Mauro, The American Lawyer. October 11, 2002

Sloan has written an extensive lexicon of Khowar, a language spoken in Chitral, Pakistan. Sloan had a minor role in a commercially-produced film, that later became a video game, Mahjong Hōrōki Classic. He is now primarily a publisher of books and DVDs about chess, go and other subjects.

Sloan is a chess journalist and author. He claims to have traveled to 78 countries, primarily attending chess tournaments. He has claimed to have "won the World Championship of Chinese Chess in Beijing, China, in 1988." April 29, 2006. See claim at 1:00 nmark. He is rated an FM (equivalent to FIDE Master) by the World Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Association. see Master Database, see No. 2078 on the rating list Sloan has competed in tournaments in Thai (Makrook) and Japanese (Shogi) chess.

Three interviews of Sloan are incorporated in the documentary Bobby Fischer Against the World.

Early life and education

Sloan was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1944 to attorney Leroy Bayfield Sloan and doctor Marjorie Jacobson Sloan. Dr. Marjorie Jacobson Sloan, June 27, 1937 – May 16, 2002 (Primary Source) Leroy Bayfield Sloan, May 2, 1910 – January 19, 1986 (Primary Source) His family later moved to Lynchburg, where he graduated from E.C. Glass High School. Sloan studied chess from an early age and left Lynchburg in 1962 to study at University of California, Berkeley; he majored in mathematics and criminology and hosted parties for the Sexual Freedom League before dropping out in 1967.

Private life

Sloan has been married three times. Sloan's second wife, Honzagool, was a native of Chitral and together they had a daughter named Shamema. Sloan and Honzagool soon separated and Sloan left New York for Virginia with Shamema, leaving Shamema in the care of a Virginia couple, while Honzagool returned to Chitral. Sloan was subsequently locked into a now-moot child custody struggle, which lasted several years, with that Virginia couple over that same daughter. On September 5, 1991, Sloan attempted to leave the USA with Shamema and he was arrested. Sloan was convicted of attempted abduction of Shamema, a felony, for which he spent 18 months in state prison. June 28, 1993, US Magistrate Judge Marilyn Go on Sloan Select Circuit Case Information, Lynchburg Circuit and then enter case number CR91003195-00 on form. Ten cases/charges in all.

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