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December 5, 1963 -

Sam Khalifa (born December 5, 1963 in Fontana, California, USA), is a retired American infielder who spent all of three seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Pittsburgh Pirates (1985–1987). The seventh overall selection in the 1982 MLB Draft, he played 164 games across three seasons in the majors, most as a shortstop. His primary historical importance arises from his status as the first person of Egyptian descent to play major league baseball. He ended his career with a .219 batting average, a .294 on base percentage, and a .285 slugging percentage.

Khalifa is no longer involved with professional baseball. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Khalifa is currently the only Muslim of Arab descent to have played in the Major Leagues.

Khalifa's father, Rashad Khalifa, was murdered on January 31, 1990. Though no one was ever convicted of the murder, Islamic extremists opposed to his teachings have been connected to it.

Trinidad and Tobago national Glen Cusford Francis was arrested in Calgary on April 28, 2009 in connection with the elder Khalifa's murder. He was convicted of murdering Sam Khalifa dad and is now in prison. DNA evidence helped convict Mr. Francis who was residing in Canada when indicted. He fought extradition for two years . Mr Khalifa now drives a taxi cab in Arizona and according to an article in the New York times still mourns the passing of his father.

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