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Ryūzō Sejima : biography

1911 - 2007
was chairman of the board of directors of Asia University. He was an army officer and business manager. His home city was in the Toyama Prefecture.  

Born in Toyama, Japan, he graduated from in 1944. During the Pacific War, he was as a staff officer at the Imperial Headquarters. He instructed the Guadalcanal recovery strategy, New Guinea strategy, and in July 1945 moved out to the Kwantung Army as a staff officer, and negotiated the cease-fire after surrender. He was then detained for 11 years in Siberia.

He served as member of the Ad Hoc Commission on Administrative Reform and assistant to Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone.

Final post

  • Chairman of the board of directors of Asia University
  • Chairman of Foundation Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery Service
  • Creditable adviser of Search farm Japan, Inc.


  • 1958: Joined Itochu Shoji
  • 1961: appointed Operation Department chief.
  • 1962: Director operating director-general
  • 1962: Vice president
  • president
  • CEO
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