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24 August 1988 -

Rupert Grint was born on the 24th of August in 1988 in Hertfordshire, in Britain. His parents, a housewife Joanna Parsons and a seller of souvenirs Nigel Grint, sent the boy to a Roman catholic school, but since primary school Rupert was interested in theatre. He always took part in school performances, and, as he was the eldest child in the family (Rupert has brother James and three sisters), he performed small scenes in front of other children.

At the end of spring in 200, when Rupert was eleven, a company “Warner Bros.” started admission for an open casting for the first films on Joan Rowling popular books about Harry Potter. There was only one condition: a candidate should be real British – Rowling herself insisted on that fact. During auditions children should read aloud a page from the book and improvised on the subject “Students’ arrival at school Hogwarts”. The last test was reading several pages of the script.

Rupert knew and loved this fairy-tale about a little English wizard – by that time three books were already published. Besides, he though that he had a lot in common with Ron Weasley – he also had ginger hair, also liked sweets and was afraid of spiders. It was the reason of the firm decision: the boy was going to have this role at any price. And though he didn’t have professional acting experience, he managed to arouse the film makers’ interest and at the beginning of August in 200 he knew with delight that he would play in the film.

According to the actor’s words, the first appearance on the shooting area practically made him dumb. The boy didn’t know, what to do – everything was туф and unusual for him. But by the end of shootings Rupert got used to difficult every day work and became a real professional. The premiere of the film “Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone”, made by a director Chris Columbus, was in 2001. the film got a British Academy’s award and nomination for “Oscar”, and the actors, who played in it, became famous all over the world.

In 2002 viewers saw Rupert Grint in another film – he played a little genius Alan A. Allen, a main role in a comedy “Thunderpants” of Pete Hewitt. Since that moment Rupert’s career didn’t need advertising: a really talented boy managed not to stay “an actor of one role”. Of course, the role of Ron Weasley was the main in his actor activity, but, fortunately, Rupert Grint is only in the beginning of his artistic biography.

The most part of shooting team of the first “Harry Potter” took p[art in the second film of Rowling (2002), and this film was also very successful. The third part appeared in 2004, and a sixteen year old Rupert was going to give up school to devote his life to theatre art and a career of an actor. Though, he got education.

“Harry Potter” brought Rupert not only fame, and friends – during shootings he made friends with Emma Watson and Oliver and James Phelps, who played Weasley twins. Incidentally, three “Weasley brothers” also have become directors and made a small film about “Lego-man”.

Rupert combined shootings in a fantastic cinema epopee with other roles. In 2006 a drama of Jeremy Broke “Driving lessons” appeared, and Grint had a very different image in it – a shy teenager from a devout family, who fell in love with an elderly eccentric actress. And a year later the next part of “Harry Potter” appeared – “The order of Phoenix”.

In 2009 Rupert Grint had another outstanding role in a dramatic thriller “Cherrybomb”. The film shows a love triangle, and Rupert had to play the second love scene in his actor career. The actor needed six takes to kiss Emma Watson in “Harry Potter”, it was more difficult during the shootings of “Driving lessons” – but now Rupert was cooler.

A premier of “Cherrybomb” took part in February of 2009, and in this year viewers saw a long-awaited sixth film about Harry Potter. At the same time with shootings of the seventh part Rupert Grint played in a comedy “Wild Target” and in a music video “Lego House”. In 2012 a Swedish-Norwegian film “Into the White”, based on real events, appeared. In this historic chronicle with elements of action and drama Grint played a role of a gunner Robert Smith.

Rupert Grint happened to experience negative sides of star status – he didn’t have time to have personal life. According to his words, it wasn’t possible to maintain constant relationships with such a tough schedule. And though sometimes he appears in public, he haven’t had serious relationships yet.

The life after “Harry Potter” was unusual for Rupert Grint: shootings in these films took ten years of his life. and though it was difficult to leave his favourite character, Grint is sure that he has to move further. He continues to play in films, he also works on radio and BBC, conducts a radio show, dubs documental films and cartoons.

But yet the most famous role of Rupert Grint is a ginger friend of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley. Probably, that’s not too bad – at least, not everybody cam leave imprints of hands and feet on the pavement in Hollywood near a famous Grauman’s theatre.

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