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March 15, 1943 -

Rosabeth Moss Kanter (born March 15, 1943 in Cleveland, Ohio) is a tenured professor in business at Harvard Business School, where she holds the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship.. Harvard Business School. Retrieved April 11, 2012.


Kanter was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1975. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Retrieved April 11, 2012. and the Harvard Business Review's McKinsey Award in 1979. Her book Men and Women of the Corporation won the 1977 C. Wright Mills Award for the year's outstanding book on social issues.. The Society for the Study of Social Problems. Retrieved April 12, 2012. In 2001, she received the Scholarly Contributions to Management Award by the Academy of Management. Academy of Management. Retrieved April 12, 2012. and, one year later, the Intelligent Community Forum's Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year Award.[ "Intelligent Community Awards 2002"]. Intelligent Community Forum. Retrieved April 27, 2012. She holds 23 honorary degrees from various colleges and universities. Her first honorary degree was awarded to her in 1978 by Yale University and her most recent, 23rd degree comes from Aalborg University in Denmark.. Harvard Gazette (December 24, 2008). Retrieved April 27, 2012.

The Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award is given in recognition of the best piece of work-family research. The award was created by the Center for Families at Purdue University and the Center for Work and Family at Boston College in honor of Kanter.. Purdue University, Center for Families. Retrieved April 14, 2012.. Boston College. Retrieved April 14, 2012.

She was the top-ranking woman—No. 11 overall—in a 2002 study of Top Business Intellectuals by citation in several sources.. Accenture. Retrieved April 12, 2012. She was named one of the "50 most powerful women in Boston" by Boston MagazineHall, Alexandra (February 2011). . Boston. Retrieved April 12, 2012. and one of the "125 women who changed our world" over the past 125 years by Good Housekeeping magazine in May 2010.. Good Housekeeping. Retrieved April 27, 2012.


Before joining the Harvard Business School faculty, Kanter was assistant professor of sociology at Brandeis University from 1967 to 1973 and again from 1974 to 1977, visiting associate professor of administration at Harvard University, as well as professor of sociology at Yale University from 1977 to 1986. She served as editor of the Harvard Business Review from 1989 to 1992, the last academic to hold the job.

Kanter has written numerous books on business management techniques, particularly change management; she also has a regular column in the Miami Herald. She is known for her classic 1977 study of tokenism—how being a minority in a group can affect one's performance due to enhanced visibility and performance pressure. Her study of Men and Women of the Corporation is a classic in critical management studies, bureaucracy analysis and gender studies.

She was an economic adviser to Michael Dukakis in his 1988 bid for presidency. Together they wrote a book entitled Creating the future: the Massachusetts comeback and its promise for America, an examination of the Massachusetts Miracle.Butterfield, Fox (May 1, 1988). . The New York Times. Retrieved April 14, 2012.

Kanter co-founded the consulting firm Goodmeasure Inc. and has served as its chair since 1980. Her consulting clients have included large companies such as IBM, Gap Inc., Monsanto, British Airways, and Volvo.Cooper, Cary L. (2000). . Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. p. 234–237. ISBN 978-1-84064-237-7.

Personal life and education

Kanter was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Helen (Smolen) Moss, a schoolteacher, and Nelson Nathan Moss, a lawyer and small-business owner. She has a younger sister, Myra.Deutsch, Claudia H. (September 19, 2004). . The New York Times. Retrieved April 27, 2012. Kanter described her childhood as "benign" and herself as ambitious, having written a novel and entered essay contests as early as 11 years old.

She graduated from Cleveland Heights High School in 1960 and then went on to study sociology and English literature at Bryn Mawr College, graduating magna cum laude in 1964. The following year she received an MA in sociology and, in 1967, a PhD from the University of Michigan. Her dissertation was on 19th-century utopian communes.Soley, Lawrence C. (1995). . Boston, MA: South End Press, p. 79. ISBN 978-0-89608-504-6. Although Kanter later decided to pursue a career in business research, her training as a sociologist informed her thinking and subsequent work.O'Hara, Mary (November 12, 2008) .. The Guardian. Retrieved April 28, 2012.

Kanter's first husband, Stuart A. Kanter, whom she had married in her junior year at Bryn Mawr, died in 1969. She married consultant Berry Stein in 1972. Together they have one son.

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