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Rickard Rydell : biography

22 September 1967 -

Rickard Rydell (born 22 September 1967 in Vallentuna, Stockholm) is a Swedish racing driver. He won the 1998 British Touring Car Championship, the 2011 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, and has also been a frontrunner in the European/World Touring Car Championship.

Early career

In the early 1990s, Rydell raced in various Formula Three series. He also won pole position in the 1991 Macau Grand Prix, and won the 1992 race. He competed in Japanese F3 in 1992 and 1993, British F3 in 1989 and 1991, and the Swedish F3 series in 1987 and 1988. In 1990, he raced in F3000. In 1984–1985, he won the Swedish 100cc go kart championship.

Racing record

24 Hours of Le Mans results

Year Class No Tyres Car Team Co-Drivers Laps Pos. ClassPos.
1990 C1 33 Porsche 962CPorsche Type-935 3.0L Turbo Flat-6 Team Schuppan Omron Racing Hurley Haywood Wayne Taylor 332 12th 12th
2002 GTS 58 Ferrari 550-GTS MaranelloFerrari F131 6.0L V12 Prodrive Alain Menu Tomáš Enge 167 DNF DNF
2004 GTS 65 Ferrari 550-GTS MaranelloFerrari F133 5.9L V12 Prodrive Racing Darren Turner Colin McRae 329 9th 3rd
2007 GT1 009 Aston Martin DBR9Aston Martin 6.0L V12 Aston Martin Racing David Brabham Darren Turner 343 5th 1st

Complete British Touring Car Championship results

(key) (Races in bold indicate pole position – 1 point awarded 1996 onwards in all races) (Races in italics indicate fastest lap) (* signifies that driver lead feature race for at least one lap – 1 point given)

Year Team Car 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Pos Pts
1994 Volvo 850 Racing Volvo 850 SE/GLT THR15 BRH122 BRH215 SNERet SIL119 SIL213 OUL5 DON111 DON2Ret BRH110 BRH28 SIL8 KNO18 KNO210 OULRet BRH115 BRH28 SIL110 SIL212 DON110 DON212 14th 27
1995 Volvo 850 Racing Volvo 850 20v DON14 DON21 BRH113 BRH23 THR19 THR24 SIL11 SIL22 OUL11 OUL22 BRH17 BRH2DNS DON12 DON26 SIL17 KNO11 KNO22 BRH12 BRH23 SNE114 SNE2Ret OUL15 OUL210 SIL17 SIL2Ret 3rd 255
1996 Volvo 850 Racing Volvo 850 20v DON1Ret DON23 BRH14 BRH23 THR13 THR28 SIL14 SIL25 OUL14 OUL21 SNE1Ret SNE25 BRH13 BRH212 SIL12 SIL24 KNO14 KNO21 OUL15 OUL2Ret THR13 THR21 DON11 DON2Ret BRH15 BRH2Ret 3rd 194
1997 Volvo S40 Racing Volvo S40 DON1Ret DON22 SIL12 SIL22 THR15 THR25 BRH17 BRH216 OUL16 OUL23 DON15 DON27 CRO13 CRO29 KNO14 KNO27 SNE15 SNE25 THR1Ret THR27 BRH115 BRH21 SIL118 SIL27 4th 137
1998 Volvo S40 Racing Volvo S40 THR11 THR22* SIL15 SIL2Ret DON13 DON27* BRH11 BRH21* OUL12 OUL22 DON12 DON2Ret CRO14 CRO21* SNE15 SNE22* THR13 THR23 KNO1Ret KNO23 BRH13 BRH21* OUL111 OUL24 SIL12 SIL23 1st 254
1999 Volvo S40 Racing Volvo S40 DON17 DON2Ret SIL13 SIL2Ret THR12 THR22* BRH1Ret BRH2Ret OUL17 OUL2Ret DON1Ret DON24 CRO14 CRO21* SNE12 SNE28 THR12 THR2Ret* KNO16 KNO25 BRH11 BRH25* OUL13 OUL23 SIL11 SIL21* 3rd 192
2000 Ford Team Mondeo Ford Mondeo BRH13 BRH24* DON12 DON23* THR14 THR2Ret KNO11 KNO22 OUL1Ret OUL2Ret SIL18 SIL2DSQ CRO11 CRO21* SNE13 SNE25 DON1Ret DON26 BRH13 BRH22 OUL1Ret OUL28 SIL12 SIL2DNS 3rd 178
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