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Reza Amirkhani : biography

16 May 1973 -

Reza Amirkhani is a contemporary Iranian novelist.

He started writing at high school with "ERMIA" novel. He has studied mechanical engineering at Sharif University of Technology and is a graduate of National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents; he also writes essays and researches about scientific & social problems. Some of his novels, remarkably Man-e-oo (His Ego) , "AZ BE", "NASER ARMANI" has received some popular acclaim . There are also Dastan-e-Sistan and Nasht-e-Nesha written by him that describes some social problems and their solutions.


  • Ermia
  • Naser Armani (Armenian Nasser- 11 Stories)
  • Az Be (From - To)
  • Man-e-oo (His Ego)
  • Dastan-e-Sistan (about ten day travel with supreme leader of Iran)
  • Nasht-e-Nesha (an article about Iranian brain drain)
  • 2008:Bi Vatan ("Homelandless")
  • Sar-Lohe-Ha ( His notes in Louh website)
  • 2010:Nafahat -e- naft (an essey about oil management)
  • 2010:Jaanestaan-e-Kaabulistan (Afghanistan Itinerary after 2009 election in Iran)
  • 2012:Gheydar (Kedar)
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