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Raoul Bhaneja : biography

6 June 1974 -

Raoul Bhaneja (Hindi: रौल भनेजा, Urdu: رؤل بھنیجا; born 6 June 1974) is a Canadian actor. He was one of the stars in the short-lived television series Train 48, broadcast on Global. He was a member of Canterbury High School's Arts Canterbury programme for drama, and has appeared in a number of films.

In January 2006 Bhaneja debuted in Hamlet (solo), a one-man version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet directed by Robert Ross Parker, which has been performed in Canada, the United Kingdom and New York City. The production is the subject of a documentary, directed by Jeff Stephenson, that was later nominated for the 2008 Gemini Award.

He is also the front man of the Maple Blues Award-winning blues band Raoul and The Big Time, formed in 1998. They have released Big Time Blues (2000) and Cold Outside (2004) through Big Time Records and were due to release their third recording in 2009. Bhaneja is also a member of the band The Legendary Miles Johnson with Edmonton-based musician Graham Guest.


  • The Dresden Files (2007)
  • Weirdsville (2006)
  • The Sentinel (2006)
  • Cold Creek Manor (2003)
  • Train 48 (2003–05; TV series)
  • Beyblade (2002–05; TV series; voice)
  • Ararat (2002)
  • Medabots (2001; TV series; voice)
  • Braceface (2001; TV series; voice)
  • Twitch City (1998; TV series) as Fred
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