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Pope Lando : biography

- 914

Pope Lando (also known as Landus) was the head of the Catholic Church from either July or August 913 to his death in 914.Fedele, Pietro (1910). "Ricerche per la storia di Rome e del papato al. sec. X". Archivo della Reale Società Romana di Storia Patria, 33: 177–247.

Lando was born in Sabina, Italy. His father was reportedly named Taino. He did not change his name on his accession.

Lando is thought to have been a candidate of Theophylact I, Count of Tusculum, who helped him to be elected pope.Lando, The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, ed. J.N.D. Kelly, (Oxford University Press, 1988), 121. During his reign, Arab raiders destroyed the cathedral of Vescovio in Sabina.Roger Collins, Keepers of the Keys of Heaven: A History of the Papacy, (Basic Books, 2009), 175.

Lando was pope during the period later known as the Saeculum obscurum, which lasted from 904 to 964.

He was the last pope to use a papal name that had not been previously used until the election of Pope Francis in 2013.



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