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16 May 1965 -

Heydar Aliyev and Leader of Piruz Dilanchi - Baku]]

Pirouz Dilanchi ( born May 16, 1965 in Tehran, Iran) is an Azerbaijani separatist leader.

Also he is an Azerbaijani poet. He is author of eight bookshttp://dlib.ical.ir/site/catalogue/261029 National library of Iran - Library, Museum and Document Center of The Parliament of Iran http://www.worldcat.org/title/farhang-i-lughat-i-mutashabih-dar-zaban-va-adabiyat-i-azarbayjan-bi-inzimam-i-mukhtasari-az-aham-nikat-i-dasturi/oclc/039523497 Similar vocabulary of the language and literature of Azerbaijanhttp://books.google.ca/books?id=wIQ6ygAACAAJ Google Bookshttp://www.lib.ir/LibView/DocView.aspx?did=HPWwWwHBHBAPHPWwBFDHPHPZAPAP Nabi Khazri - Poemshttp:// Əli İsmayıl Firuz Sümərinhttp://www.worldcat.org/title/nabi-xazri-secilmis-asarlar/oclc/038902514 Nabi Khazri - Piruz Dilanchihttp://www.worldcat.org/title/muasir-azarbaycan-sairlarindan-qanl-nagmalar/oclc/49572276&referer=brief_results معاصر آذربايجان شاعيرلريندن قانلی نغمه لرhttp://www.worldcat.org/search?q=au%3AS%CC%B2amari%CC%84n%2C+%CA%BBAli%CC%84+Isma%CC%84%CA%BBi%CC%84l+Fi%CC%84ru%CC%84z.&qt=hot_author Search results for Piruz Dilanchi's books from WorldCat in Persian and Azerbaijani.


Dilanchi was kidnapped by an unknown group in front of his house on 5 December in 2002. As a result of pressure, the media kept his location secret for 21 days, however, the Press Secretary of the Internal Affairs Ministry declared that he was in jail. After being kept some weeks in the cold underground in inhumane conditions, P. Dilanchi was sent to Shuvalan prison. After 38 days in prison, having been arrested without reason, he was allowed to be transferred to house arrest. After three months, he was freed.http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Release_the_Pirouz_Dilenchi.jpg The decision of the Ministry of Justice to release the Pirouz Dilenchihttp://sanlm.org/Archive/14_January_2003-Sherq-Piruz_Dilanchi.jpg "East News" 14 January 2003: About Piruz Dilanchi's Kidnappinghttp://sanlm.org/Archive/15_February_2003_Xalq-Cebhesi_Piruz-Dilanchi.jpg "Popular Front News" 15 February 2003: About Piruz Dilanchi's Kidnappinghttp://sanlm.org/Archive/18_January_2003-Yeni_Musavat-Baku.jpg "Yeni Musavat Newspaper" 18 January 2003: About Piruz Dilanchi's Kidnapping


In 1991, he created a section in the newspaper "Literature and art" named "Literary Tabriz", which was included in every issue for a year. Later, at the initiative of Pirouz Dilanchi, a number of programs with names such as "Araz-South literature"” and "Shahriyar-South literature"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4njVhzHyYw4 Azerbaijan (AzTv Shahriyar Proqrami - Piruz Dilənçi) were shown on .

Piruz Dilenchi is a member of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers. Also his is writer of .


Dilanchi's scientific, literary, social, and political articles have been published in publications such as Yeni Musavat, Keyhan,http://www.noormags.com/view/fa/articlepage/14809 کیهان فرهنگی » مهر 1367 - شماره 55 Azadliq, 525-ci qezet, Edebiyyat ve Incesenet, Ettelaat in Iran and Azerbaijan.

He was arrested and tortured for his views and for participating in left wing organizations by the Iranian government after the revolution. He fled to Azerbaijan SSR in 1990 to escape persecution.

Currently he is Canadian citizenhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:House_of_Commons.gif Canada's House of Commons Citizenship for Piruz Dilenchi and lives in Vancouver BC.


He is one of the 's founders.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/594537.stm The head of the National Liberation Movement of Southern Azerbaijan, Piruz Dilenchy... and the leader of this organization.http://www.gunaskam.com/eng/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=140&Itemid=44 The Islamic Republic and the Independence of the North - By: Dr. Nissman is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and the author of "The Soviet Union and Iranian Azerbaijan" (Westview, 1987).http://www.ecoi.net/local_link/180962/298257_de.html Liberation Army of Azerbaijan (Liberation Army of Southern Azerbaijan) (January 1998 - August 2001) believed to have been formed in 1993 in Iran [IRN37710.E] - IRB - Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

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