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Peter, Hereditary Prince of Yugoslavia : biography

5 February 1980 -

Peter III, Hereditary Prince of Yugoslavia (born 5 February 1980 in Chicago, Illinois, United States), also known as Petar III Karađorđević (Serbian Cyrillic: Петар Карађорђевић), is the eldest son of Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orléans Bragança. Prince Peter is the grandson of King Peter II. His Godfather is Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, son of Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia.



Education and career

Prince Peter lived in Chicago until the end of 1981, when he moved with his parents to Virginia. In 1983, he first attended morning pre-school in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, and in 1984, he went to day school. In 1988 at the age of eight, he was a student at one of London's top preparatory day schools. In June 1998, he graduated from The King's School, Canterbury in England having obtained three A-levels in Art, Spanish, and French, and ten GCSEs. In 1999, Prince Peter completed in London an art foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts (London Institute). In May 2000, Prince Peter concluded a series art programmes on the European continent mainly in Barcelona and Seville. Prince Peter spent a year 1999–2000 at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), a renowned art school on the East Coast of the United States. He is currently working in the field of graphic design and computer technologies.

Prince Peter speaks English, Spanish and French, and is continuing with his Serbian studies.

Before the Serbian 5 October 2000 revolution, Prince Peter travelled to Serbia in 1991 and in July 2000. On 17 July 2001, he and the Royal Family took up residence in the Royal Palace in Belgrade. He has travelled throughout Europe, the United States, and has visited the Middle East, South East Asia, Central and South America.

Lines of succession and ancestry

Prince Peter is in line for succession to the British throne. He is a matrilineal 10th-generation descendant of Marie Leszczynska, Queen of France (1703–1768) through an unbroken line of nine House of Bourbon daughters who all married into their own house (except Peter's mother, the ninth).

Prince Peter is the grandson of the late Alexandra of Greece and Denmark, Queen of Yugoslavia, herself daughter of Alexander of Greece and Aspasia Manos, who trace their patrilineal from George I of Greece to the Komnenos Dynasty and their matrilineal from Queen Olga of Greece nee Olga Konstantinovna of Russia to the Imperial House of Romanov. If Peter succeeds to the throne of Serbia, he will reign as Peter III.

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