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February 10, 1979 -

Paul Waggoner is the lead guitarist of the Progressive Metal band, Between the Buried and Me from North Carolina. Being an avid fan of progressive rock, he is heavily influenced by John Petrucci, Pat Metheny, Allan Holdsworth and Steve Vai. He formerly played guitar in the metalcore band, Prayer for Cleansing. Waggoner is a vegan, and straight edge.


  • PRS Custom 24 w/ Bareknucle Black Hawks (in current use)
  • PRS SE Maple Top 24
  • PRS Custom 24 (Colors DVD)
  • Ibanez S1625TKS w/ EMG 85/81 (used to record Alaska)
  • Ibanez S520WNF w/ EMG 85/81 (used to record their self-titled, Silent Circus, and Prayer For Cleansing)
  • Ibanez S2170FB (used to record "Colors")
  • Jackson King V w/ EMG 85/81 (used on tour)
  • Mesa/Boogie Mark V
  • Mesa/Boogie dual rectifier rackmount two-channel head, circa 1997 (used on all albums)
  • Mesa Standard Recto 4x12
  • Fractal Audio AXE-FX
  • Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus (for clean tone only)
  • Port City 2x12
  • Ibanez TS808
  • Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon
  • D'addario EXL115W guitar strings
  • Dimarzio D-activator pickups
  • Boss CS3 Compressor/Sustainer pedal
  • Boss Delay pedals
  • Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II


Waggoner's playing is heavily influenced by a wide variety of styles—in his work with Between the Buried and Me, he often combines elements of metal, death metal, progressive rock, jazz and bluegrass.

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