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Parvaneh Eskandari Forouhar : biography

1938 - November 22, 1998

Parvaneh Eskandari Forouhar, ( (born Parvaneh Majd Eskandari, 1938 - 22 November 1998) was an Iranian dissident and activist who was murdered during the Chain murders of Iran in November 1998.

Dariush Forouhar's wife, she became a member of the Party of the Iranian Nation when she was a student, launching anti-Shah campaign shoulder to shoulder with Dariush Forouhar. After a while they got married. Their witness in absentia was Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and the clergyman marrying the couple was Ayatollah Zanjani.

Parvaneh Majd Eskandari was stabbed 25 times on the second floor of her home while she was very ill. She was 60 years old at the time of her death. They are survived by a daughter, Parastou and a son, Arash. Before her death, she had told human right watchdogs based in New York: "We are living with the fear of being killed. Every night when we go to bed we thank God the Almighty for His blessing of living for another day."

Concerning her mother, Parastou believes: "At the time of her death my mother was wearing an overall over her sleeping gown which indicates that she was not waiting for anyone and because she was killed in front of the wardrobe where family documents were usually kept, she had most probably gone upstairs to fetch the deeds of the house to use it for release of my father on bail."

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