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Nevil Story Maskelyne : biography

3 September 1823 - 20 May 1911

Mervyn Herbert Nevil Story Maskelyne (3 September 1823 – 20 May 1911) was an English geologist and politician.

Political career

He was Member of Parliament (MP) for Cricklade as a Liberal, 1880–1886, and as Liberal Unionist, 1886 - 92. He was also a member of Wiltshire County Council, 1889 - 1904.

Scientific career

Educated at Wadham College, Oxford, Maskelyne taught mineralogy and chemistry at Oxford from 1851, before becoming a professor of mineralogy, 1856-95. He was Keeper of Minerals at the British Museum from 1857 to 1880. He was made an honorary Fellow of Wadham in 1873.

Maskelyne was also a pioneer of photography and an associate of Fox Talbot.

The meteoritic mineral maskelynite was named after him.


Nevil was the eldest son of Antony Mervin Reeve Story and Margaret Maskelyne, the daughter of the Astronomer Royal, Nevil Maskelyne. The family adopted the name of Maskelyne on Nevil's coming of age as they had inherited that family's estate at Basset Down in Wiltshire.

Nevil married Thereza Mary Llewelyn (1834 - 27 February 1926) on 29 June 1858.

Their daughter Mary married Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster on 29 July 1885, and Hugh & Mary's granddaughter Vanda Morton published Nevil's biography in 1987 (see references). Their daughter Thereza married Arthur William Rucker in 1892.

Selected Publications

  • A guide to the collection of minerals (1862)
  • Mineralogical notes (1863)
  • Index to the collection of minerals: with references to the table cases in which the species to which they belong are exhibited at the British Museum (1866)
  • Mineralogical notices (1871)
  • Crystallography: Treatise on the Morphology of Crystals (1895) (Kessinger Publishing January 2008 ISBN 0-548-82536-X)
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