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Nereu Ramos : biography

September 3, 1888 - June 16, 1958

Nereu de Oliveira Ramos ( September 3, 1888 – June 16, 1958) was a Brazilian political figure. He briefly served as President of Brazil.

pro tempore preventive counter-coup pro tempore

Ramos assumed the presidency on November 11, 1955 to complete Vargas's term. He served until January 31, 1956, whereupon President elect Kubitschek was inaugurated. Ramos was the last President to have been born in the Empire of Brazil era.

Nereu Ramos died in a Cruzeiro airline crash on July, 6th 1958 near Curitiba Afonso Pena International Airport.


File:Nereu Ramos.jpg|President Nereu Ramos File:Presidente Nereu Ramos.jpg|Presidential photography File:Nereu Ramos para JK.jpg|From left: President-elect Kubitschek, President Ramos, Vice President-elect Goulart File:Estátua Nereu Ramos.jpg|Statue

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