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May 6, 1961 -

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Mikhail Ryabko (born May 6, 1961) is a ColonelIn the Russian military, ranking and security access are directly tied. Ryabko is officially a Colonel but because he is a government special advisor, he has been awarded a rank of General for security clearance purposes. in the Russian military, serves as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation (currently Alexandr Konovalov) and is the founder of Ryabko's Systema.

His martial training was started at the age of five, by a member of Joseph Stalin's personal bodyguards with traditional Russian martial arts training. At 15 he was enlisted to the ranks of Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) and has served since., Vladimir Vasiliev p.35

He is active as a martial trainer and advisor and is the author of several publications as well as a textbook on the tactics of Special Operations.

His senior student is Vladimir Vasiliev whose school in Thornhill, Ontario Canada is considered the Systema headquarters outside of Russia, as is evidenced by the website http://russianmartialart.com working as a sort of "hub" gathering data concerning many schools worldwide, schools whose lead instructors have almost always had their Instructor credentials either certified by V. Vasiliev or M.Ryabko, sometimes given by Instructors associated with Vasiliev, such as S. Puzikas and K. Komarov.

Vasiliev's city of residency, Toronto is also home to most of Systema's seminars, also proof of Vasiliev's school status as the central Systema headquarters outside of the Russian Federation.

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