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January 14, 1961 -

Michael Trempenau better known as Mike Tramp (born January 14, 1961) is a Danish singer and songwriter who is best known for his work with the hard rock bands, White LionBronson, Fred. "Danes in the U.S.A." Billboard 111.37 (11 Sep 1999): D-13. and Freak of Nature, although he has also released several solo albums to date.

Personal life

Tramp is married to Indonesian actress Ayu Azhari, with whom he has two children: Isabelle and Lennon. Tramp also has a third child, his son Dylan, from a previous relationship with Fleur Thiemeyer. Dylan resides in Australia with his mother.


With Studs

  • Studs (1981)

With White Lion

  • Fight to Survive (1985)
  • Pride (1987)
  • Big Game (1989)
  • Mane Attraction (1991)
  • The Best of White Lion (1992)
  • Remembering White Lion (New versions) (1999 and re-released as Last Roar in 2004)
  • Rocking The USA (live double album) (2005)
  • Anthology 83-89 (Demos) (2006)
  • The Definitive Rock Collection (2007)
  • Return of the Pride (2008)

With Freak of Nature

  • Freak of Nature (1993)
  • Gathering of Freaks (1994)
  • Outcasts (1998)


Year Album Peak positions
1997 CapricornFerro, Charles. "Global Music Pulse: Denmark." Billboard 109.49 (6 Dec 1997): 69.
2002 Recovering the Wasted Years
2003 More to Life Than This
2004 Songs I Left Behind
2009 Mike Tramp & The Rock 'N' Roll Circuz 16
2011 Stand Your Ground
2013 Cobblestone Street 21
Live albums
  • 2003: Rock 'N' Roll Alive (double album)


Year Title Album
1997 "Better Off" Capricorn
"Already Gone"
1998 "If I Live Tommorow"
"Take a Little Time"
2002 "Living a Lie" Recovering the Wasted Years
2003 "More to Life Than This" More to Life Than This
2009 "All of My Life" The Rock 'n' Roll Circuz
2011 "Distance" Stand Your Ground
"Hymn To Ronnie"
2013 "New Day" Cobblestone Street


Early Years

Michael Trempenau was born in Denmark, and grew up in Vesterbro with his mother, Doris, who died April 2010 at the age of 80, and two brothers, Dennis and Kim. Mike started his musical career singing in a youth group club in Copenhagen called Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, and appears on their first album: Vi lever på Vesterbro (1974). Later, he joined the pop band Mabel, as the lead singer. They recorded four albums and were very popular in Denmark and Spain, with Mike receiving "teen idol" status. In 1978 Mabel won the Danish Song Contest with the song Boom Boom and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest that year. Mabel moved to New York City and became the Studs in the late 1970s, but then soon broke up.

White Lion

After the demise of Mabel, Tramp met Vito Bratta and formed White Lion in 1983, the band became very successful in the mid 80's to early 90's. White Lion released their debut album Fight to Survive in 1985. The band achieved success with their #8 hit "Wait" and #3 hit "When the Children Cry" from their second album, the triple platinum selling Pride. The band continued their success with their third album, Big Game which achieved Gold status and their fourth album Mane Attraction which included a supporting tour. White Lion disbanded in 1991 and not long after their first compilation album The Best of White Lion was released.

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