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22 June 1949 -

On the 22 of June in 1949 in a town Summit in New Jersey a girl, named Mary Luisa Streep was born. This name would be placed in a raw with names of the best American actresses. The girl’s parents combined several nationalities in their children – Swiss, Irish, Dutch and Englishmen. Mary’s father, Harry Streep, worked in a pharmaceutical company, and her mother, who was also Mary, was an artist. The first child in the family was born, when Mary Streep was thirty five, and then she gave birth to two boys – Harry and Dan. Parents adored their children, and the family lived happily and friendly. They often had musical evenings, when mother sang, and father accompanied on the piano. Little Mary began to sing with her mother – and she got a dream to become an opera star. Mary started to take music lessons, but soon she realized that she liked theatrical art much more. In school the girl played almost in all plays, and after graduation she entered the Vassar College, where she chose “drama” and became a bachelor of arts after graduation. In college her teacher was Jean Aurthur for some time, a famous actress.

Mary got a scholarship to study in the school of drama of the Yale University. In 1975, when she finished the university with a master’s degree on visual arts, the girl went to New York – to make a career on the Broadway stage. She didn’t change her last name for theatre, but changed the name, combined her two names in one. Critics and viewers liked the young debutante Meryl Streep. She played women’s characters of Author Miller and Tennessy Williams, and for the role, played in a performance “Twenty seven carriages of cotton” the actress was nominated for “Tony” – the highest theatrical award of the United States. But in this 1975 a failure was awaiting her – Meryl didn’t pass the audition to a main role for “King Kong”. Dino Laurentis, a producer of “King Kong” considered her too ugly… But the success on the Shakespeare festival in New York – in plays “The Taming of the Shrew”, “Measure for Measure”, “Henry V” – was obvious. In one of these performances Meryl’s partner was an actor John Cazale, and the affair started between the young people, which led to living together.

In 1977 Meryl Streep had a debut in cinema – in a dramatic movie “Julia” of a director Feed Zinnemann. Later Meryl remembered that she was uncomfortable in front of cameras; a shooting area was so different from the stage. The actress’ partners in this film were Maximilian Schell, Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Fonda, who decided to teach inexperienced Meryl all necessary things. Meryl played only two scenes in “Julia”, and one of them was cut during the editing. But a year later her playing in “The Deer Hunter”, a film of Michael Cimino about the consequences of the Vietnamese War, got a very high appraisal. “The Deer Hunter” became the best film of the year and got “Oscar”, and Meryl Streep was also nominated for “Oscar” with the film – she brilliantly performed Linda’s role. In 1978 the actress got “Emmy” award for a TV serial “Holocaust”, but she didn’t go to take this award, because this serial brought too much misfortune for her.

John Cazale played with Meryl in “The Deer Hunter”, but during the shootings doctors made an awful diagnosis to the actor” he had cancer, and he felt worse every day. Producers, who were worried about the film, decided to replace him by another actor, but Meryl and Robert De Niro, who also played in “The Deer Hunter” announced, that they wouldn’t play in such occasion. John played his role, and Meryl wanted only one thing – to be with her beloved till the end. But the contract on shootings in the serial didn’t allow her to stay with John. “Holocaust” was made in Austria, and Meryl, who didn’t have a possibility to pay forfeit, dint break the contract and went to play. She returned in Austria in spring of 1978, several days before John’s death, which happened on the 12 of March. But Meryl was lucky – short time later she met another man. A sculptor Don Gammer helped her to endure the tragedy, and in September of those years they married. The marriage turned out to be successful: Meryl and Don has four children and hey are still together.

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