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Maurice Oldfield : biography

16 November 1915 - 11 March 1981

Sir Maurice Oldfield (16 November 1915 – 11 March 1981) was a British intelligence officer and espionage administrator.The Times, "Obituary", 12 March 1981 Among his close friends was Betty Kemp, a constitutional historian at Oxford. He was reputedly one of the models for John le Carré's fictional character George Smiley, though Le Carré disputes this.In an interview included in the BBC's DVD release of Smiley's People (1982, DVD release 28 June 2004), Le Carré says of Oldfield: "…little, tubby man with spectacles. Was never the model for Smiley, I didn't meet him till after I'd invented Smiley but the press wouldn't wear that…"

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