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Maurice Kanbar (born 1930) (accessed March 2, 2010).Robert Evatt, , Tulsa World, December 3, 2010. is an American entrepreneur and inventor who lives in San Francisco, California. He is particularly well known for his creation of SKYY vodka, and is also noted for his extensive real estate investments.


Kanbar is stated to own 36 patents on various consumer and medical products, invented the D-Fuzz-It comb for sweaters, Tangoes Puzzle Game, the Safetyglide hypodermic needle protector, a cryogenic cataract remover, a new LED traffic light, and Zip Notes, rolled sticky notes with a centerline adhesive strip.[ "Zip Notes Sticky notes on a roll"], (Office Products International), October 18, 2007 (accessed March 2, 2010). He created New York's first multiplex cinema, the Quad Cinema, which was the first movie theater in Manhattan to have four small auditoriums in one building.Edward Lewine, , New York Times, December 7, 1997.

In the beverage industry, Kanbar had a success with SKYY vodka,Bruce Bellingham, , Northside San Francisco, March 2009. also introduced Vermeer Dutch Chocolate Cream LiqueurMark Athitakis, , SF Weekly, April 11, 2001. and more recently launched Blue Angel Premium Vodka.

He produced the animated film Hoodwinked! which was released in January 2006Dennis King, , Tulsa World, January 13, 2006. and grossed over $100M worldwide.

Kanbar owns many commercial buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma. main page (accessed May 9, 2012). His extensive investments in Tulsa led to a legal dispute with his former business partner Henry Kaufman, with each suing the other.Robert Evatt, , Tulsa World, August 16, 2007. Robert Evatt, , Tulsa World, May 16, 2009. At one point Kanbar's company was reported to have owned as much as one-third of all available office space in downtown TulsaRobert Evatt, , Tulsa World, June 14, 2006. although some of these properties were subsequently sold or reported to be for sale.Robert Evatt, , Tulsa World, March 2, 2010.

Kanbar is a 1952 graduate of Philadelphia University (then known as Philadelphia Textile Institute), where he studied materials science. In 2005, he donated $6 million for the construction of the school's new campus center, then the largest donation in the school's history., Philadelphia University press release, September 27, 2006 (accessed March 2, 2010). In 2012, he gave Philadelphia University another $15 million for a new interdisciplinary college, now named the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce.Peter Key, , Philadelphia Business Journal, May 9, 2012., Philadelphia University press release, May 9, 2012. In 1997, Kanbar donated $5 million to the Tisch School of the Arts, part of New York University, which named its film school after him: The Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television.Monica Roman, , Variety, April 10, 1997. undergraduate main page (accessed May 9, 2012). Kanbar Hall, an academic building at Bowdoin College, the alma mater of Maurice's brother, Elliott, was funded by donations from the Kanbar Charitable Trust and from Elliott., Bowdoin College Campus News, March 31, 2006.

Kanbar owns and lives in an eight-story residential tower in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco; he received attention for his 1999 decision to evict his tenants in order to become the sole occupant of the building.Emily Gurnon, , San Francisco Examiner, July 27, 1999. He is a member of Mensa. He has received honorary degrees from Philadelphia University, Kenyon College,, Kenyon College news release, April 2006. Bar-Ilan University,Edon Ophir, , Jerusalem Post, May 6, 2008 (also available ). and Yeshiva University.

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