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Martha Fierro : biography

September 6, 1977 -

Martha Lorena Fierro Baquero

(born September 6, 1977 in Kingston, Rhode Island, USA) is a chess player. She holds the FIDE player titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster  and the FIDE training title of FIDE Trainer, acquired after successful examination at the FIDE Seminar for Coaches in Vung Tau (Vietnam) on 29.10.2008. Ecuador's strongest female player, Fierro has represented Ecuador in eight biennial Chess Olympiads (1994–96, 2000-2010)., player file for Martha Fierro She is a frequent visitor to the United States and has a second home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today she lives with her mom in Ecuador, and in addition to her professional chess competition, Fierro has worked as a chess journalist. Fierro attended the 2012 World Conference for Sport and Women, the fifth in this series, held in Los Angeles. 
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