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September 30, 1975 -

Marius Daniel Urzică (born September 30, 1975, in Topliţa, Romania) is a Romanian gymnast. Urzică is an Olympic champion, a three-time world champion and a three-time European champion on pommel horse. He competed at three Olympic games, medaling each time on pommel horse (gold Sydney 2000, silver Atlanta 1996 and silver Athena 2004) and contributed to the team bronze in Athens 2004. His unique technique and style of performance have won him the recognition as one of the greatest masters on this piece of apparatus ever, together with Miroslav Cerar and Zoltán Magyar. Marius Urzicǎ Known as "The King of the Pommels" in 2001 he achieved the maximum score of 10.00 on this piece of apparatus at the Glasgow Grand Prix. 2001 Glasgow Grand Prix Men Final Events Two elements in artistic gymnastics, one on pommel horse Code of points Men Artistic Gymnastics 2009-2012 page 69 and one on parallel bars Code of points Men Artistic Gymnastics 2009-2012 page 114 are named after him.

He was the founder of Romanian Golden Team


Urzicǎ had difficult routines, which he always tried to execute without fault. Among his skills on the pommel horse was a super E element called "the four Russians on one handle" and a move named after him rated C in the Code of points. On parallel bars he was known for his eponymous salto forward to 1/1 turn to upper arm hang rated E.

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