Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574–1616) bigraphy, stories - Consort of Ferdinand, who after her death became Emperor Ferdinand II

Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574–1616) : biography

December 8, 1574 - March 8, 1616

Maria Anna of Bavaria (8 December 1574 – 8 March 1616) was daughter of William V, Duke of Bavaria and Renata of Lorraine.


Maria Anna's ancestors in three generations
Maria Anna of Bavaria Father:William V, Duke of Bavaria Paternal Grandfather:Albert V, Duke of Bavaria Paternal Great-grandfather:William IV, Duke of Bavaria
Paternal Great-grandmother:Jakobaea of Baden
Paternal Grandmother:Anna of Austria Paternal Great-grandfather:Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
Paternal Great-grandmother:Anna of Bohemia and Hungary
Mother:Renata of Lorraine Maternal Grandfather:Francis I, Duke of Lorraine Maternal Great-grandfather:Antoine, Duke of Lorraine
Maternal Great-grandmother:Renée of Bourbon-Montpensier
Maternal Grandmother:Christina of Denmark Maternal Great-grandfather:Christian II of Denmark
Maternal Great-grandmother:Isabella of Burgundy

Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574-1616) Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574-1616) Category:Duchesses of Bavaria Category:House of Wittelsbach Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574-1616) Category:Austrian royal consorts Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574-1616)

hu:Mária Anna (egyértelműsítő lap)#Bajor, szász és más német hercegnők


Marriage and issue

On 23 April 1600, Maria Anna married Ferdinand of Austria. They had seven children:

  • Archduchess Christine (1601–1601)
  • Archduke Charles (1603–1603)
  • Archduke John-Charles, born on November 1, 1605 died at 14 on December 28, 1619
  • Ferdinand III (July 13, 1608 – April 2, 1657)
  • Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (January 13, 1610 – September 25, 1665)
  • Archduchess Cecilia Renata of Austria (July 16, 1611 – March 24, 1644), who married her cousin Wladyslaw IV Vasa, King of Poland.
  • Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (1614–1662)
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