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Marc Bazin : biography

March 6, 1932 – June 16, 2010

Marc Louis Bazin (March 6, 1932 – June 16, 2010) was a World Bank official, former United Nations functionary and Haïtian Minister of Finance and Economy under the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier. He was prime minister of Haïti appointed on June 4, 1992 by the military government that had seized power on September 30, 1991.


He was considered to be the favorite Haitian presidential candidate of the George H. W. Bush administration and the bourgeois population of Haïti. When the country could no longer last in foreign relations as a military dictatorship and had to open the government up to free elections in 1990, Bazin was seen as a front runner if the elections were to happen before the Left in Haïti had time to reorganize., Herbert Gold, Transaction Publishers, 2001, ISBN 978-0-7658-0733-5

Ultimately, Bazin received 14% of the vote, Jean-Bertrand Aristide winning the Haitian general election, 1990–1991 with 67%. After nine months, Aristide was deposed by a military coup. In June 1992, the army appointed Bazin as acting prime minister. Washington’s initial response was that he held the post illegally, but they soon warmed up to him and pressed Aristide to negotiate with the military and Bazin. With the change in administrations, the policy changed., Ralph Pezzullo, University Press of Mississippi, 2006, ISBN 978-1-57806-860-9 He resigned on June 8, 1993.

Bazin was also a fervent political opponent of Aristide, and ran in the 2006 election for the presidency of Haïti, Washington Post but was reported to have received only about 0.68% of the vote in the 35-candidate race.


In Bazin’s family, there are many twin genes. His children and grandchildren are twins. He currently has three generations of twins, the youngest being twins Soraya and the other Gaelle.